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Swegon is a member company of the investment group AB Latour. Swegon works in the field of manufacturing and marketing ventilation and air conditioning products and solutions. The firm has an annual turnover of €320 million and employs approximately 1,350 people worldwide.

The company, which originated in Sweden, is a world player in HVAC. SWEGON currently has sales offices in 37 countries, mostly in Europe such as Finland, Belgium, France, Spain or Switzerland. It also has operations in the UAE. The company’s partners are located in other European countries.

Swegon declares in its mission statement that “We create the world’s best indoor climate for people and environment.” The company’s stated aim is to provide multifunctional solutions which can be customised to the needs of their clients and which are easy to install and user friendly while also contributing to the well-being of the planet. Swegon reaffirm this commitment to doing its part to help the environment by saying ”

Our aim is to be better and leaner, and to generate minimum environmental impact”.

Swegon have participated in numerous projects worldwide,  providing indoor climate solutions for many different types of structures ranging from office buildings to factories, hotels to hospitals and laboratories to commercial premises. Some of the more notable projects have included supplying more than 180 air handling units to 30 St Mary Axe in London, perhaps better known as the Gherkin, the first environmentally sustainable skyscraper in London and also installing chilled beams in the undergraduate teaching labs at the world-famous John Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA. Other key projects include work on the Charles de Gaulle memorial in France, the “Glass Factory” at Volkswagen’s headquarters in Dresden and projects supplying modular air handling units to the Copenhagen Opera house and supply and extract air diffusers to the Oslo Opera house.


Swegon manufactures and develops its products in the Swedish plants in Kvänum, Tomelila and Arvika. Another manufacturing plant is located in Kaarina in Finland and yet another in Cantarana di Cona, Italy. All of Swegon’s products have been certified by Eurovent.

The quality management systems as well as environmental management protocols used by SWEGON are in conformity with the industry standards SS-EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Swegon Products

Swegon boast a large range of ventilation and air conditioning products and solutions. Here we will present a brief overview of the different types of products manufactured by Swegon while a more in-depth analysis of the various product ranges is available by clicking on the links.

Air Diffusers

The company’s air diffusers provide discrete, silent and aesthetically pleasing ventilation. Swegon’s air diffusers are draught-free and have been designed to blend in with their surroundings without attracting unwarranted attention.

Swegon manufacture many different  versions and models of air diffusers depending on the needs of the user and also the layout of the rooms in which the air diffusers are to be installed. There is a wide range of choice available to customers including flush ceiling diffusers, exposed ceiling diffusers, wall diffusers, floor diffusers, duct diffusers, grille diffusers, extract air diffusers and jet diffusers. Other products included in this range are transfer units, displacement units, reinforced terminals and clean room diffusers.

Air handling units

Air handling units are appliances which enable consumers to enjoy clean and healthy air. The models proposed by the manufacturer are some of the most economical models in the market.

The air handling units combine both low operating costs and high performance and Swegon are confident that their air handling units will set the standards for all future air handling units.

Precision Air Conditioners

Swegon’s precision air conditioners are all blessed with high precision and sensitivity levels.

These air treatment units adapt to a sensitive environment by ensuring optimal operating conditions and high performance.

Chillers and heat pumps

Swegon has a wide range of highly efficient water cooled heat pumps and chillers on offer to its customers. The various models manufactured by the company are air/water chillers, air/water free cooling chillers, air/water multifunctional units, water/water  chillers, air/water heat pumps, water/water heat pumps, dry coolers, hydronic modules and water/water free cooling chillers. All of the chillers and heat pumps have been certified by Eurovent while almost all of the products are designed as belonging to energy consumption class A or are available in other high efficiency technologies such as free cooling.

Control equipment

Swegon also propose several innovative climate control systems for use with their ventilation and variable air flow (VAV) products. This option allows users to choose a customized system which is tailored to their specific needs. The control equipment proposed by Swegon includes an electronic carbon dioxide and temperature sensor, an electronic occupancy detector, a room thermostat and a pattern controller for adjustable diffusers.

Sound attenuators

The sound attenuator range allows users to enjoy comfort while providing effective sound attenuation. These products are designed to reduce the noise effects caused by ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Swegon manufactures sound attenuating acoustic louvres for rectangular ducts, and circular sound attenuators for use in circular ducts and rectangular sound attenuators.

Acoustic Louvres                                    Circular Sound Attenuators                                                    Rectangular Sound Attenuators

Acoustic sound louvre       Circular sound attenuator                  Rectangular  attenuator

System products

The manufacturer’s innovative solutions allow the ventilation, heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) systems to be combined in one single unit. This multifunction system offers customers the possibility of enjoying a better indoor climate.

Swegon’s system products include the Tellus, which provides air handling, cooling, heating and hot tap water in one single unit, the Aqua Link, an advanced hydronic module,  the Nestor indoor climate management system, the Superwise control/supervision unit for use with Swegon’s Wise system and the TBRA remote access-communication device.

Waterborne climate systems

Customers have several solutions available to them in the search for better indoor comfort. Swegon supplies its customers with various waterborne climate systems such as comfort modules, chilled beams and climate beams, perimeter systems and radiant ceiling heating. Swegon boldly claim that their waterborne climate systems, which feature neither drainage nor fans, require minimal maintanence thereby making their systems even more attractive to customers.

These solutions comprise efficient and innovative induction air conditioning systems. These devices also deliver high energy performances.

Swegon in the UK

Swegon Ltd
Swegon Pavilion
St Cross Chambers
Upper Marsh Lane
EN11 8LQ
Phone: +44-(0)1992 450 400
Fax: +44-(0)1992 450 500

Swegon has a support service which customers can contact directly. The company also has approved technical stations for servicing equipment, preventive maintenance, training and spare parts.

Swegon asserts its presence internationally through its many representatives worldwide. These representatives are based in several European countries such as Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Portugal or Russia. Swegon also has other branches in Australia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates.

Global Swegon Partners

Swegon, the European leader in the field of air conditioning, works in partnership with several agencies located all over the world. It has several European agencies such as Sweden, France, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Italy, Norway or the United Kingdom. The company is present in the North American market after establishing branches in Canada and the United States. The Asian continent is also catered for by its agencies in China. Swegon also works in partnership with its Australian branches.

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