SWEDEN – Swegon have released the next generation of their system for demand-controlled ventilation. The company claim that large savings can be made as a result of their demand-controlled ventilation which involves optimising the amount of power which is consumed in order to operate fans in the air handling unit. The new Wise units are considered to be especially effective where there is considerable variation between low and high load conditions in a room and during times when there are few or no occupants, an all too common situation in many commercial premises.
Swegon boast that the Wise units have all the required functions to ventilate and air condition rooms, and should prove of great benefit for optimising ventilation systems. Other innovative features include quick-fit connectors used for wiring which should help ensure correct operation and also simplify the installation work. Swegon further suggest that the units’ integrated intelligence and sensors will be useful in ensuring minimal cabling as well.
The company declare that their Wise system is perfectly suited for keeping energy consumption in new buildings to a minimum while also being highly applicable on existing buildings; for all work including repairs, alterations and extensions. Swegon confidently state that their system has the potential to deliver considerable energy savings due to the energy consumption cuts it can offer in the existing building inventory.
Another new development is the SuperWise, 2-step optimization process which can be used to minimize pressure drops throughout the ventilation system.
This optimization process means that the SuperWISE is capable of adjusting the air handling units’ pressure set point based on the dampers in the rooms and in the zones.
The video below illustrates the 2-step optimization process: