Grundfos Pumps

Grundfos Profile

Grundfos is an international company of Danish origin, one of the market leaders in pump manufacturing. Its activity is concentrated mainly in the production of heating and cooling pumps and centrifugal pumps for the industrial sector. Grundfos offers equipment that is used for the water supply and wastewater management. The company has now become the leading producer of circulation pumps, supplying 50% of the demand for circulation pumps in the global market.

Grundfos UK was only the second sales company to be set up outside of Denmark, and have been present in the UK since 1964, and moved to their premises in Leighton Buzzard in 1972. The company employs more than 150 staff who actively support the sales and marketing effort and who geographically cover the UK and Northern Ireland. The company recorded a turnover of £122m in 2013.

Grundfos UK’s head office is located in Leighton Buzzard with regional sales offices located in Leigh, Birmingham and Livingston in Scotland. The company works very closely with its other UK based subsidiary companies, Grundfos Manufacturing, based in Sunderland,
and Grundfos Service, national service provider, and Grundfos Watermill who specialise in supplying shower pumps.

Business Sectors

As Grundfos is a global leader in the manufacture of pumps, the company works in several business sectors, including the construction, industrial solutions, HVAC OEM, water supply and sewage disposal fields.

Building solutions

Grundfos offers products and solutions for commercial and office buildings as well as for residential buildings. The company creates buildings that meet all its customers’ demands.

Commercial buildings: Grundfos offers its services with the goal of providing intelligent buildings. Its mission is to think and rethink buildings to meet the needs of increasingly demanding clients. These customized solutions are designed to fit the size and needs of each client. Grundfos thus places a team of experienced engineers and consultants at its clients’ disposal to provide smart buildings using the systems and pumps produced by the company.

Domestic buildings: Grundfos’ domestic buildings services are ideal for the design of comfortable, modern buildings. They are in fact equipped with reliable water supply solutions, heating control as well as sewage disposal easier. The company provides a full range of domestic pumps and of domestic solutions and automatic control systems.

Industrial pump solutions

Grundfos also offers solutions for the industrial sector. Grundfos’ solutions meet all necessary requirements for biodiesel and bioethanol in the field of biofuel production. The company has taken up the challenge of proposing solutions which ensure industrial boilers operate smoothly and efficiently. Grundfos provides fluids for hot water, steam and oil heating. Wastewater treatment also forms part of Grundfos’ range of activities. It thus offers unique and effective solutions for the treatment of chemical wastewater. The company also offers solutions for the food industry, the automotive industry, machining industry and the beverage industry. Manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries as well as the washing and cleaning sectors also fall within the scope of Grundfos’ business activities.

OEM pump solutions

Grundfos is a HVAC original equipment manufacturer (OEM). It provides innovative solutions for pump, hydraulic systems and components associated with existing systems. The company thus offers standard and customized OEM solutions for every need. The experience gained from over 30 years in the HVAC business and a team of 50 engineers in R & D enable Grundfos to meet all its clients’ demands. All of the company’s solutions are tested to ensure superior quality.

Water Supply

Water supply is one of the many areas of business that Grundfos is involved in. This activity spans several sectors, including agriculture. The company offers its water supply and distribution solutions through the provision of irrigation system. Water treatment is also a fundamental part of Grundfos’ business activity. Water treatment concerns filtration, adding fertilizer or chemicals. This activity includes the processes required to obtain water of an acceptable quality for agricultural irrigation.

Waste water

Grundfos also operates in the treatment and transportation of wastewater. The wastewater treatment is based on the filtration process by removing contaminants contained in discharged water from residential, industrial and commercial sites. A mechanical process is used to remove contaminants. Grundfos provides a range of components designed for wastewater treatment plants, while the company also provides solutions to ensure the flow of water through a range of pumps. The pumps are specifically chosen to suit topographical demands and local regulations.

Magna3 circulator pump

Grundfos’ Magna3 range of pumps consists of small, medium and large circulator pumps fitted with electronically controlled motors based on permanent magnet (PM) and compact stator technology.

One of the most attractive features of the Magna3 for users is that they no longer have to worry about which pump setting to choose, instead they can simply install the pump and leave it on the factory Autoadapt setting.

The Magna3 then analyses the heating system requirements and adopts the optimal setting. The pump will then continuously adjust its operation to changes within the system demand, resulting in optimal comfort while delivering minimum energy consumption.

Grundfos state that Magna3 pumps are flexible and reliable, and have low noise levels, long life and require minimum maintenance. The pumps come equipped with GENIair wireless communication as standard, while this can also be expanded to offer further control options with Communication Interface Modules (CIM).

The Grundfos Magna3 circulator pumps are designed for circulating liquids in many systems, such as heating systems, air-conditioning and cooling systems, domestic hot-water systems, ground source heat pump systems and solar-heating systems.

Some of the other features of the Magna3 circulator pump are the Autoadapt, Flowadapt and Flowlimit functions which are all used to help minimise energy consumption. The pumps also come with proportional pressure control, constant pressure control, constant temperature control, constant curve, duty maximum or minimum curve duty and automatic night setback as standard features. The company also declares that no external motor protection is required while insulating shells are supplied with single-head pumps for heating systems.

All Grundfos’ Magna3 pumps comply with the ErP/EuP 2015 requirements and have a built-in differential-pressure and temperature sensor which allow users to easily verify the distribution and consumption of energy, thus helping to avoid big energy bills. The company claim that the circulator pumps are simple to install while the user interface with TFT display and the control panel with self-explanatory push-buttons make the new Magna3 pumps particularly user-friendly.

The pump is equipped with a high-resolution colour screen and its accompanying Assist software renders the equipment’s installation process much quicker and simpler. The Magna3 also features Grundfos’ GO software which monitors the performance of the circulator. The software means that the monitoring and control equipment, as well as other electronic pumps manufactured by Grundfos, can be accessed and managed from a smartphone or iPod Touch.

The Magna3 fits easily with other devices with a maximum height of 18 m and a maximum flow rate of 70 m³ / h. The pump consists of more than 150 single and double pumps in cast iron or stainless steel.

The Magna3 is also suitable for use in several heating applications, cooling and domestic installations for hot water circulation. The pump has been designed to pump liquids at temperatures up to -10 ° C and is suitable for industrial applications and geothermal pumping systems. The range is available for system pressures of 6, 10 and 16 bar.

Grundfos Comfort UP range and AUTOadapt, the latest generation of Comfort circulator pumps

Grundfos’ Comfort Up range of circulator pumps has been designed for use in hot water installations. All of the components are equipped with a spherical motor which makes the pump easier to disassemble.

Grundfos has launched its new version of the AUTOADAPT range. The new versions take into account the anti-legionnaire’s disease function of the boiler when it is active. The pipeline is disinfected through continuous operation for a quarter of an hour.

The new range of pumps offers many advantages to customers such as providing instant hot water, saving energy by setting the period of equipment operation, easy maintenance and installation and optimized control. The device can be adapted to suit the user’s needs; it can operate continuously following temperature variation while the Autoadapt function allows it to turn itself on or off automatically depending on the hot water requirement.

GRUNDFOS highly energy-efficient Alpha 2Circulator

Grundfos also offers the high energy efficiency circulator Alpha2 to its customers.

Grundfos’ Alpha2 circulator operates at a variable or fixed speed. This piece of equipment is compatible with all home heating systems and its energy consumption is lower than that of a light bulb.

The Alpha2 pump has a LCD display, which the user can use to control the level of energy consumption by the equipment. The Autoadapt feature enables it to find the optimal setting depending on the needs of the installation. The Night reduction function further enables the pump to reduce its energy consumption in the evening.

It is possible to connect the Alpha 2 without having to open the terminal box. The equipment ensures quiet operation while its operating speed is controlled according to the openings and closings of thermostatic valves. This feature significantly reduces the sound effect produced by the circulator.

Deposits are removed through the priming sequence that is activated when the machine is turned on. The Alpha2 system conforms to Eup directives and has won several awards. The Alpha2 offers reliability, performance and comfort for domestic installations.

Hydraulic boilers for domestic heating

Grundfos’ boiler kits and accessories are designed for home heating equipment. They are suitable for use with radiator circuits, heated floors and different floor heating installations.

Grundfos’ series of boiler kits consists of 6 different models, giving customers the choice of 2 or 3 channel circuit kits. The circulators used in association with the boiler kits can either be traditional or high efficiency pumps. The performance of these different devices offers greater productivity while simultaneously reducing assembly time. These multi-function solutions feature a high quality in finishing and sealing.

Sololift2 macerators

Grundfos’ new Sololift2 range of compact macerators provides even more comfort and enables any domestic sanitary appliance to be drained wherever needed, independent from the gravity drain system

The new range of Sololift2 macerators is made by professionals and designed specifically for professional use with the company claiming that the macerators are highly reliable and deliver easy, clean service.

This new line of equipment is designed with advanced technology to provide users with a powerful solution for pumping out wastewater. Grundfos has designed this new range of products to meet the needs and requirements of its customers. Extensive testing has revealed the macerator to be a professional solution for efficiently crushing toilet paper and feminine hygiene products. These new devices are low maintenance because the draining operation is very simple; the lid needs simply to be removed to drain the appliance. The use of additional piping is not essential for this new range of macerators.

The new Sololift 2 range of products is has been specifically designed for ease of installation. The range offers a quick and easy installation meeting the demands and expectations of professional installers. The new facilities boast reliability and ease of use thanks to its removable block, its drain down hose connection and USB optional warning alarm.

The Sololift range is both a reliable and powerful solution for the disposal of domestic waste water in collective housing and the service sector. This solution is used to facilitate the evacuation of wastewater in sewers.

The sanitary facilities have been made simpler due to the independence of the water drainage system. Its installation requires no additional piping, thereby reducing the cost of installation. A simple discharge pipe and a power supply are essential for its operation. This new product line offers customers the possibility of adding an extra bathroom or toilet at low cost and without any great technical difficulties if they so wish.

Sololift2 is a new product line consisting of macerator tanks and is part of the Grundfos Home Performance series. A line of professional products which has been designed to cater to the needs of professionals, it boasts simple and rapid installation. The Sololift range of macerators is intended for disposing of domestic wastewater as well as in commercial buildings. The range offers reliability, interchangeability and ease of maintenance. This equipment is suitable for systems that can not direct the wastewater into the drains by gravity. They are compact, discrete and solid with fully automatic operation. They are available in 5 different versions to allow Grundfos’ customers to choose the model that best fits their needs. The vortex impeller pumps ensure that the waste water is drained and disposed of correctly. The vortex impeller pumps thus allow for a unique cutting and grinding performance in the toilet, a practical concept which was specifically chosen to facilitate the replacement of existing models without having to change the installation.