SWITZERLAND –the Swedish group Swedon AB has acquired the Swiss company RCS AG. It is a provider of cooling products and services.
RCS AG is an independent distributor of liquid cooling equipment and related products. In addition to commercialize products, the company also provides services to customers in the same field.
The head office of RCS AG is based in Manno, Italian Switzerland. This company was established in 2004. Swegon occupies in Switzerland with two other agencies, one in Zurich and one based in Lausanne. The firm employs 14 people and has a turnover of 4.5 million euro in 2012.

Tellus launches on Swiss market 

Tellus is a system developed by Swegon. This is a solution for ventilation, cooling, heating and hot water. This revolutionary product with better energy performance is used in an office building of 3000 m² in Zurich, Switzerland. Tellus Swegon system was installed in the office building at 59 rue Talstrasse Zurich, Switzerland. This plant made between September as part of a project SWEGON Office Solution. This innovative equipment should provide ventilation, heating and cooling in the 6 levels of general office space 3000 m². Tellus system has been specially selected for its many benefits. This device offers several features and easy installation. It also offers significant energy saving and compact design.

Gold RX gets the Passive House certification

Central air treatment with the Swegon RX Gold rotary exchanger heat got the Passive House certification. The certification of this equipment is the first plant with large airflows receiving this certification. The features of this plant meet the requirements of Passive House Institute. Central air RX Gold treatment with rotary heat exchanger has passed the test before being approved under the terms of heat recovery as well as in energy consumption.
12 versions of the central GOLD RX are all certified with a maximum air flow of 9000 m³/h.