Swegon Air Handling Units

Swegon’s air handling units and fans are among the most energy efficient on the market and that they are capable of delivering high quality performances and long term financial benefits. Swegon’s range of air handling units comprises three distinct lines of products – the Gold one piece units, Compact one piece units and the Silver M modular air handling units.

The Gold series of one piece air handling units contains six separate products: the Gold RX rotary heat exchanger, the Gold PX plate heat exchanger, the Gold CX coil heat exchanger, the Gold SD separate supply and extract air handling units, the Gold LP extra slim unit with rotary heat exchanger and the Cool DX/Cool DX Top plug and play cooling units.

All of the Gold units have been designed for use in comfort ventilation applications and can be utilized in buildings such as office buildings, schools, day nurseries, public buildings, shops, residential buildings etc. Swegon state that EC technology is used for all unit sizes while the integrated control system should guarantee easier installation. Swegon further claim that their range of accessories for the Gold range will optimize overall performance and will also save time during installation. The Gold units are Eurovent certified and come with guraranteed data while Swegon promise to test each unit before delivery.

The Gold range of air handling units are all controlled using Swegon’s new control system, IQlogic (see photo above). The IQlogic control system is designed to be user friendly and offers users the opportunity to communicate directly with the air handling unit and to control the unit by distance via main control systems, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

Gold RX

The Gold RX (as seen above) is a complete air handling unit which comprises direct-driven supply air and extract air fans, supply air and extract air filters and a rotary heat exchanger. Swegon claim that the RX boasts temperature efficiency and heat recovery of up to 85%, while allowing for air flows up to 50 400 m³/h. Other features of the Gold RX include the ability to vary the speed of the rotor and also the recovery of cooling energy.

The Gold RX is available in two new sizes (7 and 11) while Swegon hope that optimized fan sizes will enable its clients to choose the right unit size and fan variant to match the installation requirements and thereby enhancing the possibility of optimising the energy efficiency of any given project.

swegon-3The Passive House Institute has awarded the GOLD RX (sizes 04-35 and 50) with a Passive House Certificate due to its high energy efficiency and efficient heat recovery. At the time of writing, the GOLD RX is the first ventilation unit capable of high air flows (<9000 m³/h) to fulfil the requirements for the passive house certification.

swegon-4The rotary heat exchanger used in the Gold RX consists of a rotating wheel of aluminium and a multitude of small passages. The rotary heat exchanger provides efficient heat recovery and has, according to Swegon, a temperature efficiency of at least 80%.

The Gold PX is a complete air handling unit which combines direct-driven supply air and extract air fans with supply air and extract air filters and a plate heat exchanger. The PX is suitable for use for air flows of up to 11 520 m³/h and has both by-pass and shut-off dampers and provides effective anti-frost protection.

Inside view of Gold PX air handling unit

Swegon have striven to enhance the Gold PX’s efficiency by means of a recently developed cross-flow plate heat exchanger, RECOfrost. Depending on the user’s needs, the plate heat exchanger can be chosen in order to either deliver maximum temperature efficiency or to minimize the pressure drop.

The Recofrost plate heat exchanger monitors the ice build-up and defrosting process and, depending on the given conditions, takes the requisite action to minimize energy losses, thus rendering the defrosting cycle extremely efficient. Swegon expect that the Recofrost exchanger will result in more energy savings while reducing the required after heating capacity, without altering the compact dimensions of the unit. Swegon refer to this process as adaptive optimization.

swegon-7Gold CX

The Gold CX (as we can see in the image above) is a complete air handling unit which features direct-driven supply air and extract air fans, supply air and extract air filters and a coil heat exchanger. The CX coil heat exchanger is designed for use with air flows up to 50 400 m³/h and is pipework package mounted and filled from factory (and is available in sizes 35-80). Like the Gold PX, the CX has been developed to deliver effective anti-frost protection.


The Gold SD units are separate Single Direction (SD) supply and extract air handling units. Options available for this line include filters (for all sizes) and coil heat exchanger and unmounted pipework packages (for sizes 12-120). The SD units are intended for use for air flows up to 64 800 m³/h

The Gold LP is an extra slim complete air handling unit containing direct-driven supply air and extract air fans, supply air and extract air filters and a rotary heat exchanger and is designed to ensure minimum installation height. The LP performs best for air flows of up to 2600 m³/h and may be installed in false ceiling voids, horizontally in an attic space or in other confined spaces. The LP unit can equally be wall mounted, thus providing an alternative to a conventional unit while delivering up to 85% temperature efficiency and  heat recovery. The speed of the rotor cooling energy recovery can also be varied and regulated according to the user’s needs.


The Cool DX cooling units are versatile units which can operate either as stand-alone units or can be docked onto a Gold air handling system through Plug and Play. One of the major selling points of the Cool DX units is that very little material is required to operate the units: the sole requirements are an electric power supply and a communication cable (with a quick-fit connector) between the Cool DX/Cool DX Top and the Gold air handling unit as well as a drainage pipework connection.

The Gold air handling units possess ready-to-use cooling functions which can be used to control and regulate the Cool DX/Cool DX Top cooling units. The aforementioned cooling functions include communication via the web or traditional performance monitoring systems. Swegon hope that the Cool DX/Cool DX Top cooling units will reduce the investment costs for project designing, procurement and installation. Leading features of the Cool DX line are its quick and easy installation, its built-in control equipment which is operated via the Gold air handling unit and its variable comfort control or 3 step economy control. The cooling unit can communicate via the Gold air handling unit while its location inside the Gold unit prevents the extract air fan motor from being subjected to high temperatures.

The most important properties of the compact room air handling units are that they can be installed directly in the room which is to be ventilated; they are suitable for use for air flows up to 1300 m³/h and have an easily adjustable air distribution pattern.

Similarly, the compact room air handling units with heating may be directly installed in the room which is to be ventilated and the units are also designed to enable boosted heating. These units perform best for air flows up to 1300 m³/h and also have an easily adjustable air distribution pattern.

The Compact Top unit is an air handling unit which has all its duct connections arranged at the top of the unit and delivers optimal results for air flows ranging up to 1300 m³/h.

The compact unit is a compact air handling unit designed for use with small air flows and is a conventional air handling unit with its duct connections situated on the side panel. The compact unit delivers its best results when used with air flows up to 1300 m³/h.

The Swegon Silver range consists of modular air handling units which can be customized to meet the customer’ needs. Currently the Swegon SILVER M unit is only available in Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Russia and Poland and is available across a large range of sizes, while special dimensions and designs may be ordered.


Swegon are also keen to point out that the Silver M unit is noted for its high framework and casing stability, its maximum leakage prevention and finally its hygienic inside surface. Other features of the unit are that the framework is formed-rolled and has a special punching that minimize cold-bridges. The 2 mm material thickness of the frame profiles help to ensure high stability, while the modules are screwed together using a special connector which helps steer the modules to their correct positions, thereby preventing leakage.

The connector has been designed in such a way as to minimise air resistance and also provide a hygienic inside surface. A smooth inside surface is achieved by screwing wall panels to the framework from outside and sealing them with cover buttons. The final design feature is that both the framework and inspection doors have a specially designed gasket to prevent leakage.