WORLD – Swegon have released their new system software, ESBO, a powerful piece of software which helps calculate the capacity and energy requirements for buildings.

The company hopes that their newly developed software will help users over the course of their project, from the prospect phase through the construction period right through to the finished building, providing clients with the support needed to deliver the best indoor climate possible. Swegon claim that the user friendly interface, with its distinctive features, makes the software easy to use and will make customers feel more confident in their work.

The software enables users to carry out capacity, energy and temperature calculations and is compatible for use in 3700 cities and 155 countries. ESBO will also allow consumers to make comparisons between air and waterborne systems and also between CAV and DCV systems. ESBO enables users to calculate the energy requirements and costs for a single room and for n entire building while the software also allows users to calculate the comfort and annual energy costs. The software can also be connected to ProSelect (a product selection tool) and is available in two versions, a free version and also a licensed version.