Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning


Carrier was created in 1902 by Dr. Willis H. Carrier. It was at this time that Dr Carrier developed and produced his first air conditioning unit that was highly innovative for its time. This innovation has enabled the company to put itself at the forefront as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment. Annually, Carrier sells more than 4 million units of air conditioning equipment on the market. These appliances are manufactured in more than 40 manufacturing units spread over 5 continents. The company has set a goal of providing air conditioning solutions which respect the environment. Carrier also aims to innovate by working in the research and development of materials and installation of air conditioning, heating and ventilation.

Carrier, subsidiary of a larger group

The Carrier group is an integral part of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). This company operates in more than 180 countries, employing 215,000 people. The UTC group works in several business areas such as aerospace, aviation, helicopter design or elevators. It also operates in the field of heating and air conditioning as well as developing innovative energy sources such as fuel cells. The goal of the group is to develop solutions which contribute to building a better world.


Chilled water applications and diffusers

Carrier’s chilled water applications and diffusers are solutions designed to meet many criteria. The company thus offers a wide range of products to meet all expectations and which can be adapted to satisfy every application and installation condition. The equipment designed by the manufacturer can be installed in a room, in a false ceiling or even in a hallway. The material can also be accommodated in a central equipment room as well as in different types of installations.
Carrier offers a consumers’ guide to its clients to help them choose the best solutions. Customers can thus easily find the solution to their actual needs and which can be easily integrated within various types of buildings. Customers have a wide range of diffusers and a range of chilled beams at their disposal. The control equipment is available in several versions to suit all installations. This is also true for exposed units and ducted units.

Air handlers

Carrier aims to provide a new and clean air supply through the provision of efficient air handling units. The company thus provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to cool and heat recycled air. The solutions offered by the company are in compliance with the law and provide health benefits and stimulate productivity for the occupants through efficient air treatment.

The company provides its clients with a wide range of both standard air treatment equipment and customized equipment. Customers have the choice between heat recovery products, variable speed free cooling and low power consumption engine solutions. These solutions are designed to provide better performance while minimizing the environmental impact.

Air treatment units are available in different power ranges depending on the needs of the different types of installation. The Carrier range of rooftop air conditioning equipment is both reliable and efficient while the product performance ensures better air treatment. Once again the regulation systems can also be adapted to suit all types of buildings.

Heat pumps

Carrier has developed a new range of heating units with power ranges from 8-1800 kW. These devices are designed to replace the traditional boiler. The wide variety of power allows them to respond to all needs and for every installation. The manufacturer offers a water outlet temperature of 65 ° C to facilitate the management of domestic hot water (DHW) with higher COPs at low air temperatures. This range of equipment has been developed to provide a more efficient thermodynamic system for the heating market.

Carrier heat pumps are available in air-cooled, water condensing and hot water condensing versions. These facilities exist for various power ranges allowing everyone to find the one that meets their needs. Carrier also offers regulation systems which are compatible with the equipment it provides to its customers.

Reversible heat pumps

Carrier’s reversible heat pumps are based on innovative concepts. The products from the Aquasnap 30RB / RQ range are both reliable and easy to install. In addition to these products, the manufacturer has recently unveiled the Aquasnap range for R-140A. This new product line has been built using the brand’s existing technologies. It thus combines efficiency, compactness and simplicity. These materials are distinguished by their ease of implementation and their ease of maintenance.

Carrier has developed reversible air-cooled heat pumps to meet all requests, as they are a solution which allows customers to find the power suitable for the local installation. Ducted air condensers are available in different power ratings. This equipment is supplied with control equipment specially designed to facilitate implementation.


Carrier has expanded its range of chiller units through the development of new cooled liquid water Aquaforce 30XW chiller. This cooling equipment is both flexible and efficient while this simple and reliable equipment has been designed by optimizing each component element.

The Carrier range of chillers is comprised of dry cooler and air cooled condensers of different power outputs, ducted air condensers and air and water-cooled systems. The absorption group is another set of appliances on offer in the chiller series without forgetting the regulation materials which are compatible with every manufacturer’s products.

Thermostats and controls

Carrier offers a wide range of comfort control equipment. These products are designed to suit different types of applications and to satisfy all demands. These solutions contribute towards improved energy efficiency, easy diagnostics and maintenance as well as flexibility.

Customers can find PLC cascade control systems in the range of comfort control products which include communication and open protocols such as LON and BMS protocols and of course user interfaces.

Training Services

Carrier has a training department in which it proposes to share its expertise and competence in the field of air conditioning with its customers. The implementation of this service is to assist users install the manufacturer’s products. As part of the training, the company provides various educational resources such as technical documentation, videos and others. These documents facilitate the assimilation of the air conditioning techniques for both personal and professional needs.

Carrier is a global leader in the design and research in the air conditioning field. This member company of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) continually conducts research to provide ever more innovative and efficient solutions for its customers. It can thus set new standards of comfort to meet the efficiency and flexible installation requirements of its customers.

The company ensures the reliability and quality of its products and systems. Each device is thus subjected to strict control and extensive testing before distribution. In addition to this, all products are subject to certification by the major international organizations to ensure the effectiveness and authenticity of the product. The manufacturer’s solutions meet the current safety norms and standards.

Respect for the environment is one of Carrier’s major concerns. The company thus ensures to provide air conditioning solutions that help create a healthy, comfortable and productive environment. The products are designed to meet the environmental requirements while still preserving maximum security. Carrier is also the first manufacturer of air conditioning equipment to use chlorine-free refrigeration systems that have no impact on the ozone layer.