SWEDEN – The Swedish based company Swegon have announced that they are to release ProSilencer, their new software for sound attenuator selection. ProSilencer is an updated piece of software to replace an earlier version of their software, ProAc, which was a program used to calculate sound generation in duct systems plus dimensioning and selection of acoustics.
ProAc was used to calculate sound pressure levels in rooms and externally (outdoors), as well as checking crosstalk requirements between rooms. The previous version of the program consisted of 4 calculation modules (tabs) which can be used independently of each other. Swegon claim that their software employs a calculation method which always uses the same basic prerequisites and whose sound requirements must always be defined (for a room or for an external measurement point), the transition from duct to measurement point (terminal or exterior wall grille) and sound generators (e.g. a fan).
The basic principle of the software is to first create a duct system with all its component items and then to easily evaluate which components generate or attenuate sound. The company state that the advantage of their program is that all items in the duct system between the fan and the terminal can be described and all duct components are shown together with their sound attenuation (Ld) or sound generation (Lw).
The ProAc software then uses its connections to databases for terminals, ceiling devices and attenuators to ensure that most of the input data is readily available. The software also features a quick dimensioning module for sound attenuators which enables dimensioning of the attenuator regarding sound attenuation, pressure drop and inherent sound generation.
The new software, Swegon claim, will have all the positive features of the ProAc package while also allowing the calculation of a duct system, crosstalk and external sound which was not supported in the previous edition of the software. The company state that although the “Direct attenuator choice” function has been updated and improved, the basic design is very similar to that of their ProSelect software making it quite user-friendly for customers familiar with their previous web-based program.