Climacool Climatisation

ClimaCool Climatisation Profile

ClimaCool Air Conditioning Company was founded in 2003, specialising in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning for professionals in the commercial and industrial sector. The company, based in Neyron in the department of Ain, currently employs a team of over 30 people. Its objective is to provide the best solutions for thermal installations.

The Grands Travaux (major works) department of the company puts its skills and talents at its customers’ disposal. The company’s technicians and installation teams take care of every aspect of the air conditioning solutions from design to installation.

The maintenance and associated small works department take responsibility for the commissioning, installation and after-sales service of all the company’s equipment. Climacool is also responsible for the maintenance, operation and upkeep of all its facilities.

ClimaCool has extensive experience in mastering advanced techniques such as:

  • Heating and air conditioning for professionals in the tertiary, business and industry sectors.
  • Air conditioning in industrial environments
  • Cooling systems for industrial processes
  • Simple and double flow ventilation systems.
  • Direct expansion systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Ventilation systems

The company’s years of experience in the HVAC profession helps guide its customers to define their air conditioning needs. The company also provides assistance in the implementation, maintenance and upkeep of the equipment it supplies.

ClimaCool’s Qualifity certification

Climacool, in its drive to deliver customer satisfaction, constantly strives to develop its know-how, which enabled it to obtain the qualification number 14370: QUALIBAT 5412-5421-5422-5522. The certificate of professional competence, number 291, authorises the company to handle refrigerants. It also attests to the regulation of the activity. The company ensures the competence of its technicians by providing them with regular training from the manufacturers of air conditioning equipment. This training enables the technicians to provide a service at the cutting edge of technology.

ClimaCool’s Air Conditioning Department

Installing a HVAC system is a good way of ensuring good air quality.

A HVAC system is a must in any building as it covers several different activities which govern the quality of air. These activities include the hygrothermal quality, sound quality and air quality.

  • Heating, cooling and controlling air humidity are all part of the hygrothermal control.
  • Sound control is essential in removing the external noise pollution emitted by the closing of openings. The regulation of noise reduces the noise level inside the premises to the level of background noise generated by other household appliances such as computers.
  • Filtration, sanitation, and air control provide better air quality in homes. Air conditioning equipment reduces humidity. The air quality control eliminates odors and dust mites while also reducing static electricity. This is the best solution towards breathing better quality air all year round.
  • Renewing the air supply is a good way of allowing everyone to live comfortably by the renewing or re-conditioning the air in their living space.

Air conditioning is an important element in improving the well-being of people in their own environment.

ClimaCool’s Piping and Plumbing department

ClimaCool’s piping and plumbing department offers a comprehensive service to its customers.

This department was created in 2009 is responsible for carrying out work on heating networks and cold water air conditioning sites.

The department has all the equipment necessary to carry out the work such as cordless power tools, blowtorches and welding equipment. Each team makes sure that it carries out its work according to the specification documents, for both traditional and modern facilities. The department uses copper, galvanized steel and black steel for traditional installations. HTA PVC, Multilayer, PER and electro-galvanised steel are some of the more modern materials used by the piping and plumbing service.

ClimaCool Maintenance department

The Maintenance department forms an important part of the ClimaCool organization.

Skilled refrigeration technicians provide interventions at different levels and are responsible for the installation and commissioning services carried out by the Major Works department. Warranty and after sales service are also provided by these technicians. The maintenance and refurbishment of facilities in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors are among the responsibilities of this service. The operation and preventive maintenance of thermal installations are also taken care of by the service. The technicians are equally involved in the alteration and improvement of existing HVAC systems.

ClimaCool refrigeration technicians regularly attend skills training to ensure quality maintenance service to its customers and to stay updated on new equipment. These courses are taught by leading heating, cooling and air conditioning equipment manufacturers.

The Maintenance service remains attentive to customers and is available for consultation 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

ClimaCool’s business sectors

ClimaCool has been present and active on the market for 20 years, allowing the company to become a market leader. The expertise of the company in its industry has been developed around the world over the last two decades.

ClimaCool operates in different areas, namely the treatment of air conditioning and ventilation. It has a qualified professional team to ensure the installation, commissioning and operation of this equipment for its customers.

ClimaCool’s offices

The company’s offices are equipped with the best air conditioning-related equipment to meet the needs of its employees.

ClimaCool highlights the need for air conditioning to improve productivity and business development within a company. Better performance and better working environment are factors which are inextricably linked and which lead a company to success. Air conditioning is as an effective solution for increasing the productivity of staff within a company. This is an important concept for ensuring the well-being and quality of work output for all staff in their work environment.

The choice of heating and air conditioning system is crucial in improving air quality and the working environment. This equipment must be adapted to the needs and nature of the building to ensure its effectiveness. A case by case treatment is essential to meet the real needs and comply with new regulations enforced by the state. The establishment of a thermal balance is necessary to find the right solution.

ClimaCool’s competent teams start the commissioning process by listening to customers in order to deliver a solution that meets their expectations.

ClimaCool in Industry

Air conditioning and process cooling are services ClimaCool provides to the industrial sector.

The company attempts to ensure it supplies a cooling system of machines and production processes to industry. It also provides solutions to improve the air quality and temperature in an industrial environment.

ClimaCool provides technical solutions which can be adapted to fit the needs of different types of industrial plants. These systems are aimed at increasing staff productivity, improving the production cycle, ensuring consistent quality of production and sustainability of materials production.

ClimaCool also offers a customised solution to fit the business, industrial, production and location needs of each client. The adoption of this measure solution offers the advantage of reducing water consumption and waste. It provides an energy gain thereby reducing costs while enabling the user to benefit from a heating system and hot water at no extra cost.

The skills and experience of its team mean that the company is very well-known in the field of climate engineering at a regional level. ClimaCool’s team is at the service of customers and remains at its disposal to provide cooling solution in line with every expectation. The primary objective of the company is to reduce operating costs and optimise productivity.

ClimaCool and Hotels

ClimaCool’s air conditioning expertise enables it to provide solutions for hotel facilities and the catering sector. The company offers individual air conditioning to bring added value to the welfare and comfort of the customers of those institutions.

Customers are increasingly demanding good air quality and temperature control in hotels and can thus enjoy the innovative solutions proposed by ClimaCool.

The vast experience of the company in systems for hotel establishments enables it to offer a tailored solution for each infrastructure. It can also provide an air conditioning heating system and hot water at no extra cost. ClimaCool’s solutions offer energy saving and help reduce energy bills.

The company helps its clients find the best solution by offering a thermal balance of their working area. Consequently, the company can easily provide the necessary systems for heating and cooling.

ClimaCool and Shops

ClimaCool proposes solutions that offer staff and shoppers comfort within a store.

The absence or lack of air conditioning equipment can ruin a successful store. It is thus necessary to have effective and efficient air conditioning throughout the year to improve staff productivity. The adoption of this solution enables customers to stay longer in a store.

Several types of heating and cooling systems and equipment which meet the requirements of commercial buildings are now available.

The proposed solution is chosen specifically to satisfy multiple building factors. The orientation of the building, its geographic location or the number of people occupying the room are all factors which are taken into account when choosing the solution.

The establishment of a thermal balance is essential in identifying the right equipment for a building. This allows the company to define the power required for the new facility.

ClimaCool has extensive experience in solutions for neighborhood commercial properties, including supermarkets and shopping arcades.

Its competent and experienced teams in the field of environmental engineering provide all the installation and operational solutions.

ClimaCool and Residential properties

A heating system is essential throughout the year.

Smoothness and homogeneity of the temperature for every season provides a feeling of comfort. It also helps to make life even more beautiful.

The market is full of heating and cooling systems and appliances. These solutions are adapted to the needs of the buildings and how they are used.

ClimaCool intervenes in individual residential and community schemes through real estate developers, as well as in establishments of dependent persons.

ClimaCool teams are skilled and experienced in the field of HVAC. They begin the process by listening to the customer in order to provide a solution tailored to the customer’s needs.

ClimaCool’s Portfolio in the Private Sector

ClimaCool works with several big players in the private sector. The company indeed offers its services to the pharmaceutical, logistics and Telecom sectors. General contractors, developers and the hotel and catering industry call upon ClimaCool’s specialized business services in air conditioning and heating. Real estate agencies, the medical sector, banking and various organizations make up most of the company’s clientele.

ClimaCool’s Portfolio in the Public Sector

The public sector often calls upon the services of ClimaCool in terms of cooling and heating equipment. SACVL of the city of Lyon, the Ministry of Finance are just some of the customers of this company. The Museum of Contemporary Art of Lyon, Villeurbanne OPAC and the Ministry of Interior’s clients also form part of the company’s clientele. Other clients also include the CAPI for the agglomeration of Bourgoin Jallieu, the family allowance funds premises and municipal buildings.


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