WORLD – Swegon have released the latest additions to their gold range of heat exchangers, chillers and heat pumps, all of which operate in tandem with their Gold control system. The new products include the Gold PX, which the company claim has increased energy efficency, Cool DX Top chillers, Celest+ chillers and Maroon 2 heat pumps.
Swegon claim that a newly developed cross flow plate heat exchanger has taken the Gold PX heat exchanger’s efficiency to a whole new level. The company also state that the different versions of the heat exchanger mean that customers will be able to fine tune the performance of their Gold unit depending on the requirements of their project, whether the goal is maximized temperature efficiency or minimized pressure drop.

the Gold PX heat exchanger pxside

One of the other new products launched by Swegon is the Cool DX Top chiller, which is a new space saving direct expansion chiller which has been specially customized for use with the Gold Top air handling unit.
The coil location in the chiller has been designed to facilitate cooling recovery through the Gold rotary heat exchanger and the company hopes that the improved cooling recovery should ensure increased yearly energy savings compared to other similar chillers.

The Cool DX Top Chiller is a Plug and play chiller, which is designed to be integrated with the Gold control system. The chiller comes available in sizes 04–12 and has a cooling capacity of 6–22 kW for the corresponding Gold Top sizes. Swegon state that the chiller is energy efficient and operates in a 3-step mode. The three modes comprise a low capacity mode, where only the small compressor is used; a medium capacity mode, where only the big compressor operates and a high capacity mode, where both compressors work in tandem.

The cool DX Top Chillerimg_gold_top

Swegon’s Celest+ air/water chiller is a new energy efficient air/water chiller which features a DC inverter controlled compressor as standard. The company claim that the compressor operates at just the right speed in order to produce exactly the required chilled water capacity, which should result in significant energy savings compared to a traditional compressor that operates on a switch on/switch off basis.
The chiller has also been designed to be easily controlled using the Gold control system via Smart Link. Other features of the chiller is that it has 6–26 kW stepless cooling capacity at -10°C to +46°C ambient temperature, while in its reversible mode the heating capacity is 7–28 kW at +40°C to -18°C ambient temperature.
The CELEST+ img_gold_celest

The final product that Swegon have recently launched is the Maroon 2 air/water heat pump which is a new energy efficient air/water heat pump with several options for customized usage. Domestic hot water management is included as standard in the new heat pump via a 3-way valve or an optional plate heat exchanger. The company claim that the Maroon 2/MT can produce hot water for temperatures varying from 60°C down to -16°C ambient temperature. The Maroon 2/HT, which uses vapor injection compressors, is capable of producing hot water at temperatures from up to 65°C down to -20°C ambient temperature. The company state that the heat pump is best controlled using the Gold control system via Smart Link. The heating capacity of the new pump is 6–42 kW with a single compressor and 45-80 kW for double compressors.