USA – Samsung Electronics today announced that 20 of the models in its newest refrigeration line have won the Energy Star Emerging Technology Award, as decided upon by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA describe their Energy Star program as being the trusted source for energy-efficient product labeling and consumer education. The Emerging Technology Award is designed to recognize products that are at the forefront of energy conservation and climate protection.

Commenting on the news of the award, Byung-Sam Seo, President of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics, declared “Samsung strives to meet the highest environmental standards, and we are proud to be honored by the EPA for our innovative and eco-friendly refrigerator product development”

All 20 of the Samsung refrigerator models, which are due to be released in 2017, have received the award for their innovative R-600a refrigerant system which meets the EPA’s demanding performance criteria to reduce energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Samsung Electronics has therefore become the first manufacturer to receive EPA approval to market full-sized, residential Top Mount Freezer and French Door models using this new technology.

The EPA presented the first Energy Star Emerging Technology Awards in 2011, and the association focuses on a different product category or eco-conscious theme each year. This year is the second time that Samsung have been recompensed with an award as, in addition to the recognition for their 2017 refrigerators, the brand received the award in 2013 for their eco-friendly DV457 clothes dryer.

The new R-600a refrigerant used in the Samsung refrigerators is naturally occurring and climate-friendly, with the company claiming that the refrigerant has no ozone depletion potential and a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) rating. Samsung also state that the R-600a requires less work to be done by the unit’s compressor, which helps reduce energy usage by 6.5% and also makes the refrigerator quieter than previous models.

Samsung have revealed that they developed the technology ahead of planned changes to refrigerant qualifications that EPA looks to influence by 2021. As a result of being fitted out with the advanced technology, the 2017 award-winning refrigerators met the EPA’s new qualifications of a GWP rating below 15 while also producing an energy efficiency gain of 5 percent or higher. Additionally, the R-600a refrigerant has also been approved for use in the US market under the terms laid out in the EPA’s Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) Program.

Mr Seo also outlined the company’s pride at winning the award, stating “The R-600a refrigerant is a game-changer in terms of reducing energy usage, and we are proud of the advancements we’ve made to create more environmentally responsible home appliance products.”

Samsung claim that their 2017 refrigeration line is not only more energy efficient, but it will provide more choice, flexibility and connectivity for consumers today. The company were also at pains to highlight new internal features such as enhanced precision cooling, flexible storage options and upgraded interior lighting which they believe are matched by updates to exterior details like redesigned handles and premium finishes, as well as seamless designs to fit in any kitchen.