EUROPE – Swegon air conditioning leader with regulation reveals its revolutionary new product. This is the Gold E version, a system implemented in the controller energy counting, with simple and intuitive use.

Integrated control system

The manufacturer revolutionizes the ventilation industry with its new Gold E. This equipment provides a control system IQlogic and a multitude of innovative and user-friendly features. It has more powerful options to facilitate communication and remote control can be done with a main control system, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone. This new system offers the possibility of adding additional modules to take advantage of more features.

A tactile and intuitive tablet

The tactile interface tablet of the central panel is both user-friendly, intuitive and ergonomic. It has been simplified to facilitate handling and use. The setting will not step through a wizard. It is very easy to make a filter calibration and alarm monitoring. The display of diagrams and flowcharts are done using a graphical interface. The plant is equipped with Ethernet and USB ports to connect the regulator to the Gold E WiFi. WiFi standard equipment allows you to monitor the Gold E using a mobile device like phone, tablet or computer.

Energy metering

The Gold E controller is used for the calculation of consumption of the fans as standard. This feature is essential for reducing the cost of installation of energy metering for the CTA that the data can be viewed by the GTC.

Air Gold Central handling

Gold is a system designed to optimize the costs of commissioning energy efficient fans. It also offers better heat recovery up to 85%, temperature control, flow rates and periods of operation for better performance. From a technical point of view, the system has a low noise level and offers the possibility of outdoor installation. Its regulation adapts communication standards. It also has an attractive design.

Gold meets the requirements of the Eurovent certification and has a high performance. This system meets the RT 2012 following the regulatory functions for the control of consumption and a real-time monitoring.
The use of this innovative system offers many benefits to customers and end users. Performance can reduce operational costs for Swegon air Gold central handing processing while providing a better climate and a comfortable interior.