WORLD – Swegon have added the Parasol VAV to their Parasol family of climate modules. The company claim that the Parasol VAV is the best choice for cost-efficient demand controlled ventilation in larger office spaces or conference rooms, with multiple units which can be connected to a common control unit. Swegon are marketing the Parasol VAV as an energy-saving, demand-controlled, waterborne cooling and heating energy comfort module which is suitable for use in stepless demand-controlled ventilation.
Swegon state that the new product can be used as a standalone solution or in connection with the WISE system and/or BMS systems and will deliver energy-efficient operation since the room is ventilated, heated and cooled exactly as needed. The module should guarantee the highest possible comfort with provision for individual control on room level and a draught-free indoor climate, with the 4-way air distribution and Anti Draught Control (ADC) providing maximum comfort and flexibility.

Other features of the module include its simple installation, commissioning and maintenance while the Parasol VAV is available as a slave and a master unit. In this case, the master unit can be ordered as a complete product with control equipment and accessories mounted from factory and can be installed using control equipment from another supplier.