Take 5: Bernard Avallet Swegon

Name : Bernard AVALLET
Position : Western Europe Area Director
Company : SWEGON

When and how did you start your career in the HVAC and Refrigeration industry?

I started my career in 1983 at CIAT in Culoz. I was responsible for ventilation and air handling products: axial and centrifugal fans, axial and centrifugal fan heaters. After 1 ½ years, I obtained my transfer to the CIAT sales office in Lyon as a travelling Technical Sales Rep.

What is your current role?

I am responsible for SWEGON subsidiaries in France, Spain, Switzerland and the Benelux.

What surprised you (or maybe even still surprises you) in HVAC & Refrigeration?

This is sometimes a fairly closed and introspective world, despite the presence of global players.

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing the HVAC & Refrigeration industry?

One of the major challenges that this industry has to constantly adapt to the various local and European regulations, which are more and more numerous and demanding and which strongly impact on the products and technologies as well as on industrial and commercial organizations.

Do you have any predictions for the future of HVAC systems?
The growing demand for comfort and wellbeing in buildings will becomes a powerful tool for the future development of HVAC systems.