Adapt Parasol blows away competition

WORLD – Already a multiple prize winner, Swegon’s Parasol comfort module family for ventilation with waterborne cooling and heating, continued its global success story by winning at the MCEE trade show in Montreal, Canada’s largest exhibition for the mechanical and electrical industries. The Adapt Parasol won first prize in the “Heating and/or cooling hydronic appliances” category as part of the New Product Competition at MCEE last month.

The newly launched Parasol range won the Great Indoor Climate Prize in 2007, while the following year saw it gain further recognition at the GAIA Awards in Dubai. In 2014 the intelligent family member Adapt Parasol had its moment in the sun when it was one of the finalists for the British “Air Movement Product of the Year” award. Adapt Parasol has garnered attention for its combination of comfort module and independent integrated controls for demand controlled ventilation.

“The MCEE-award is naturally an important verification that our efforts to develop the indoor climate business is well received by the market” declared Jonas Åkesson, Product and Market Manager at Swegon. Mr Åkesson then concluded by saying “More and more professionals discover how ADAPT Parasol creates an energy efficient and comfortable indoor climate. When adding the other parts of Swegon’s product range, unbeatable combinations are created which facilitates the whole building process”.