FRANCE – The Interclima 2013 show was an opportunity for SWEGON to present company news. The beginning of 2013 was marked by the appointment of HannuSaastmoinen as SWEGON AB CEO. This decision follows the retirement of Mats Holmqvist after 32 years of service in the direction of the company. This appointment was followed by the acquisition of Coolmation Group, a provider of HVAC products and services in February. In April, the company also acquired WALTER MEIER GmbH, a German leading distributor of HVAC equipment. This company became SWEGON CLIMATE SYSTEMS GERMANY since October 1st of the same year. In September 2013, the firm bought RCS AG. It is a Swiss provider of products and services cooling. This independent distributor offers chillers and related products.

In the development of its business, SWEGON built a new plant in Mumbai, India. This new manufacturing facility is expected to supply the Indian markets and the Middle East. It was inaugurated in March 2013. The company was selected as supplier of VIDAI project, sponsored by the Indian government. This new plant is expected to provide solutions and air conditioning and cooling modules for data centers in New Delhi and Bangalore.

In 2013, SWEGON has strengthened its presence in France by the introduction of a full range of services and close relationship in order to respond quickly to all requests. 14 Authorized Service Centres have been established across France as part of this project support. In support of these services, SWEGON offers its customers an extended warranty to two years, including parts and labor. Meanwhile, the company offers preventive maintenance contracts for all of its product lines.

In terms of certifications and environment SWEGON is committed to sustainable development. All plants of the company are now ISO 9002 and ISO 14001. The products it offers are all certified Eurovent while the central air handling GOLD has a PASSIVE HOUSE certification. The company also launched the Air Academy. This is a forum for the exchange in which the topic of energy issues in buildings is central to the debate.

SWEGON launched in 2013 its central air handling with control board called GOLD E. Version. This new control system integrated offer IQlogic with many smart features and at the same time friendly. The new touch interface of the main control system offers a friendly and ergonomic reading. It’s a simple, convenient and easy to use equipment. It can be controlled remotely with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.