Final Swegon Air Academy seminar of 2015 reviewed

FRANCE – The last seminar of the Swegon Air Academy 2015, entitled a “forum for the objective transmission of knowledge” in the quality of air treatment sector, was held in Saint-Priest, near Lyon, on Friday the 20th of November. Swegon state that the series of seminars is targeted at developers and builders, architects but also all industry decision makers.

The free seminar, which took place on Friday morning and was followed by lunch at noon, featured two speakers: Frank Hovorka, member of the national steering committee for the digital transition in the building industry, who spoke on the importance of information in real estate, and Séverine Kirchner, doctor of chemical pollution and environmental geophysics, President of the Scientific Council of the Inter-agency Programme for Research for Better Quality Local Air (Primequal) and in charge of research and public health expertise for the Comfort of Scientific and Technical Centre for Building committee (CSTB), whose speech took stock of the quality of air in buildings.

Both of these presentations are currently available on the Swegon Air Academy website.