Swegon is sponsoring a seminar on indoor air quality and health in tertiary buildings

FRANCE – SWEGON is sponsoring a forum on energy and health in buildings November 21, 2014 in Clermont-Ferrand. The seminar aims to exchange sanitation knowledge of indoor air, comfort and matters relating to the associated energy. This seminar will focus on the quality and treatment of indoor air. It will bring together operators and building industry professionals such as developers and home builders as well as offices and decision makers in this field.

Two independent speakers, namely Dr. Suzanne Déoux and Pascal Valladont will take part in the forum. They will discuss the issues and the measures to be taken in terms of energy consumption and health in buildings. The forum will begin at 8:30 pm at the Jean-Jaurès Besancon. Pascal Valladont will focus on “low-energy office renovation” during this event. Dr. Suzanne Déoux will address the topic “health in BBC buildings.” The debate will end with a cocktail at 12:30.

This free seminar will be held at Le Radio hotel, 43 Avenue Pierre et Marie Curie à Chamalières (63400). Reservation can be made by using a form or by email to the email address of SWEGON.

Suzanne Déoux on health in BBC buildings
Suzanne Déoux is a Phd in medicine and is a professor emeritus associated with the University of Angers. President of Association Bâtiment Santé Plus and ENT specialist, she initiated the first Masters’ Health Hazards in the Building Environment and the Annual Forum for Challenges in Healthy Building. In 1986, she created Medieco – a consulting and health strategies training company in the frame of urban settings. The company conducts health quality in industrial clusters on products and equipment within the building, with outsourcer assistance, project management and assistance for building professionals in project management. She also works as independent consultant involved in various training courses for building professionals and health.

Pascal Valladont on low energy office renovation
Pascal Valladont is the director of HDL (Habitat Local Development), an organisation working in the Department of Doubs encouraging and participating in quality homes for all. The mission of HDL is to support the business analysts and project managers working with communities to encourage “Habitat” and “Local Development” projects.