General terms and conditions

It is mandatory for all users of the site to carefully read and take into consideration the conditions mentioned in this section. Using the site equates to accepting and respecting all the conditions mentioned on this page.

Scope of applications

The terms of use (TOU) regulate access and use of the site. The terms and conditions listed below govern the use of this site. Visiting the site https://www.hvac-intelligence.com is equivalent to the user accepting all the regulations imposed by the conditions without restriction.
HVAC Intelligence reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use at any time by publishing new regulations on the site. Any changes take effect from the moment they are published online on the site. These changes are binding and may not be opposed by users from the moment they are published.

The Terms govern all relationships between users and HVAC Intelligence. They apply to all forms of contact between the two parties. Saving or printing the TOU is strongly recommended to all Internet users visiting the site.

Use of site content

All information contained on the website may never be reproduced or used without the permission of the site owner. To ensure this, users must comply with the contract documents and legislation relating to site data protection. The right of use granted to users is limited to personal and private use. Any reproduction of site content for collective or professional use is prohibited.

The site content is protected by the legislation in force in the UK and internationally. HVAC Intelligence is free to control the use of their data and compliance with contract documents under applicable legislation. HVAC Intelligence retains the right to deny users access to the service and closing technique. Users are required to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Any violations are subject to prosecution.


HVAC Intelligence cannot be held responsible for the reliability of the information it makes available to all people using the site. Despite the procedures put in place to verify the reliability of the site content, errors and omissions may occur. Visitors using the information provided on the site are solely responsible for any subsequent use of the data. It is their responsibility to ensure the veracity of any information collected on this site.

Customers assume all liability on the data they have collected on the site. In the context of data use for personal purposes, it is imperative that laws on the protection of privacy be respected. The information offered on the site cannot be used for pre-established purposes while respecting the principle of proportionality. Those responsible for the information sources are responsible for the data provided in accordance with applicable law. Consequently these people must provide complete and accurate information and ensure that the information is updated where and whenever necessary.