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Crowley Carbon is an Irish-based firm, founded in 2009 with the aim of helping companies reduce their energy consumption. Specialising in solutions for energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, Crowley Carbon investigates all aspects of a company´s site to determine the optimal management of energy.

Using the latest technology and equipment, Crowley Carbon offers companies average energy savings of 34% per year – typically amortising the cost of installing a solution within three years. To date, the firm has worked on projects in the UK and Ireland, in Australia and in the Middle East.

The Crowley Carbon Thermal Server

Crowley carbon-Thermal-ServerThe flagship product within the Crowley Carbon portfolio is the Thermal Server boiler. The Thermal Server boiler is five times more efficient than a normal boiler, and uses high-pressure heat pump technology to utilise waste heat from the manufacturing process to deliver low cost hot water.

The boiler ranges in size from 200kW to multi mega-watt level. Customised for each application, the Thermal Server can be powered by an electric or gas engine and managed from a smartphone or laptop. Crowley Carbon´s Thermal Server can achieve up to 84.9% savings in energy consumption costs.

Software Solutions from Crowley Carbon

crowley-carbon-768x512Crowley Carbon is more than a manufacturer of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. The firm has developed a suite of apps that optimise all areas of the industrial process. Crowley Carbon software solutions enable companies to identify when a machine is consuming more energy that it should, and switch it off or slow it down when it is not required.

The results are dramatic. By optimising large energy users for the best operating conditions, machines have less downtime and more product output. Energy consumption is substantially reduced, while the machines enjoy a longer life. All of the apps in the Crowley Carbon software solutions suite can be remotely monitored to constantly ensure maximum savings.

The Crowley Carbon Process

The Crowley Carbon process has three stages. The first consists of a free audit in which experienced engineers from the firm conduct an audit of the proposed site to determine where energy-efficient improvements could be made.

The second stage is a more detailed audit that analyses the conclusions made in the primary audit to develop specific optimisation plans. The second audit can take several weeks to complete and, when concluded, a financial proposal is delivered that guarantees the achievable energy savings and the cost of implementation.

The final stage of the Crowley Carbon process is the project delivery. Our team will work closely with a team from the company to implement the energy-saving solutions and software solutions with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency.

The Crowley Carbon Commitment

awards-2016Crowley Carbon is committed to the reduction of our carbon footprint and effective action against climate change. The firm is a primary sponsor of Ireland´s Green Awards and is involved in a “Cool Planet Experience” joint venture to develop an educational and research centre on the Powerscourt estate in County Wicklow.

The Cool Planet Experience is scheduled to open in the summer of 2016. It is the first building in Ireland dedicated to climate change, and will provide members of the public with interactive animations and exhibitions to raise awareness about the environmental impact of life in the twenty-first century.

Once opened, the project will be expanded to include research laboratories and office space for the Cleantech organisation – an initiative that provides advice and support for environmentally-friendly business start-ups, for existing companies, service providers and investors.

Further Information about Crowley Carbon

For further information about Crowley Carbon, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Powerscourt House,
County Wicklow
Tel: +353 1 274 8880
Email: info@crowleycarbon.com
Web: www.crowleycarbon.com

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