Swegon release new generation Paragon

WORLD – Swegon have launched the new generation of their Paragon comfort module which has been designed to deliver as comfortable a room climate as possible. Since the Paragon range was launched in 2009, over 13000 units have been installed in hotel rooms, nursing homes and hospital rooms delivering a high quality indoor climate.

The Paragon comfort modules are designed in such a way as to use the air pressure from a centrally placed air handling unit, alongside small nozzles inside the comfort module, to create an induction effect which ensures that the air is distributed along the ceiling of the room. This air distribution leads to an efficient mix of fresh air and room air which, in conjunction with a waterborne heat exchanger, guarantees that the room is well ventilated at the desired temperature, by adding heating or cooling as needs demand. Some of the advantages of the Paragon system are that there are no noisy fans, condensation problems or cold draughts in the room.

The new generation of the Paragon comfort modules now come equipped with a Compact Change Over-valve integrated within the unit, which Swegon claim will increase each unit’s cooling capacity by about 20%, and the heating capacity by up to 60%.

Product Manager Jonas Åkesson was keen to highlight what he considered to be the great potential the new product generation, saying “The gain in capacity can be used in several ways, one is to adjust the cooling and heating water temperatures, allowing for a more economical operating mode of the heat pump or chiller. For a typical heat pump, this may convert into an electrical energy saving of about 25%.”

Åkesson continued by stating that the new modules would prove advantageous during the building process, adding “Paragon’s increased capacity makes product dimensioning easier and provides a more robust system design, without any compromises concerning the indoor climate. In the end this makes Paragon a crucial factor for hotel guest satisfaction and retention.”