WORLD – Swegon have launched their Falcon HF diffuser, a new high-flow diffuser for use in buildings with high ceilings such as shopping malls, sports arenas and warehouses. Swegon claim that the Falcon HF helps to spread air evenly and efficiently, delivering a good indoor climate with minimal energy consumption.

When the diffuser is used in its heating mode, air from Falcon HF is directed vertically, swiftly reaching the occupied zone where it is required, while for the cooling mode, air is spread horizontally; this ensures that the air is well mixed before it reaches the occupied zone, which helps avoid cold draughts. The pressure drop for the Falcon HF is low, and is practically constant for both heating and cooling modes, resulting in a simple system setup and low noise. The diffuser also has an automatic switch control as an additional optional feature.

Swegon also claim that the heating and cooling capacity of the Falcon HF diffuser helps to make it easier for users to design an efficient ventilation system. The diffuser comes equipped with easy-to-use selection tools, documentation and professional support included.