WORLD – Swegon have launched their latest mobile app designed to ensure easy commissioning of air diffusers and chilled beams with k-factors. The company state that their Sweflow app will help customers with the commissioning of air diffusers or waterborne climate systems by calculating the commissioning pressure or air flow. Swegon also hope that their new app will be a practical and accessible tool for its customers which will allow them to search for k-factors for Swegon products in the company’s database.

To calculate the air flow or commissioning pressure, the app can be used to find the k-factor in the Swegon product database or alternatively, if known, the k-factor can simply be entered directly into the calculator. The app should also enable users to save commissioning data for an entire building in a protocol that can be exported in csv format to continue work in Excel or similar programs. Other features of Swegon’s app are that it works without internet connection and also provides continuous updates of product data, while the app is available in a variety of languages.