Recofrost – a smarter heat exchanger

WORLD – Swegon have recently launched Recofrost, an innovative plate heat exchanger solution, which they claim will take energy efficiency and economical savings to a new level.

Air handling units equipped with a plate heat exchanger are generally used in situations where ventilation applications contain some kind of contamination in the extract air, such as heavy kitchen fumes, thereby ensuring that the supply air is not contaminated. One drawback with using plate heat exchangers, compared to rotary heat exchangers, is that there is a build-up of ice and that the resulting, and necessary, defrosting cycle may significantly reduce the energy recovery efficiency.

Swegon hope that this is where their Recofrost solution will play its part, taking full advantage of the combined integrated controls and quality hardware of the Gold air handling unit. The Recofrost will monitor the ice build-up and defrosting process and, depending on the given conditions, will take the required action to minimize energy losses, a,d thus rendering the defrosting cycle extremely efficient. Swegon claim that Recofrost will result in greater energy savings and a consequent reduction in the after heating capacity needed, while the Gold air handling unit retains its compact dimensions.