Swegon unveils new central air handling Gold E version for the energy calculation and coefficient SFP counting. This plant is equipped with built-in control functions and compliance with Article 31 of the RT 2012.
Swegon is known for its Central Treatment Air Gold allowing instant energy consumption visualization. It focuses more the features of the GOLD version of E. This new equipment is integrated directly to the controller. It provides access to:

-The total energy consumption of air blowers input (in kWh and MWh)
– The total energy consumption of extracted air fans (in kWh and MWh)
– The total operating time of the supplied air fan in days (in units of 24 h)
– The total operating time of the extracted air fan in days (in units of 24 h)
– The instantaneous energy consumption of extracted and input air fans at a given time (kWh)

The system can calculate the specific fan power or SFP coefficient (kW / m³ / s). This information is used as an overall energy efficiency index of the system. This is the equivalent of the entire electrical power used for the operation of all the fans, to be divided by the total air flow.
The data provided by the stations are available on the touch screen of the main control system (IQnvigator). It is also possible to view data from a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone. Several protocols in the GTC as Modbus, Metasys, EXOline, LON, BACnet or Trend help exploiting these data.
Access to such data allows the plant to comply with Article 31 of the RT 2012. This section requires equipment in commercial buildings of a system of measurement or calculation of energy consumption on each plant ventilation.