Swegon launch new generation Paragon

WORLD – Swegon have released a new and updated version of their Paragon waterborne climate module, which will be ready for delivery in October 2015. The company claim that the new Paragon with its higher capacity should make it easier to create the perfect indoor climate in applications such as hotel rooms, nursing homes and hospitals. Swegon state that the increased cooling and heating capacity make it easier to save on investment costs by downsizing the units, or to save energy in heating and cooling production.

Swegon first introduced it’s climate module Paragon generation A and B in 2009, while Autumn 2015 will see a new generation of PARAGON launched, providing, the company hopes, new options for even more energy efficient operation and lowered investment costs.

The company further claim that the cooling and heating capacity of each PARAGON unit will increase by 20% and 60% respectively due to the new Compact Change-Over valve, or CCO-valve for short. It is hoped that this improved capacity can be used to downsize the unit, saving on investment costs as well as valuable building space. The company also state that the CCO-valve can also be utilized to run the heat pump or chiller in a more economical operating mode, saving up to 25% of the electrical energy.
Other features of the module include its built-in control equipment, flexible airflow (VariFlow), closed system, adjustable direction of air discharge (ADC and adjustable louvres) and high capacity. Other benefits of the product, Swegon claim, are its low installation height, simple installation and the fact that the module has no noisy fans or filters which means that no drainage is required.