WORLD – Swegon hope that their new RD series will provide its clients with both high levels of sound attenuation and compact dimensions. The company claims that their RD attenuators prevent noise and overhearing, thereby delivering good comfort for end-users, even when the attenuators are installed in tight spaces.

The RD series features a combination of a high level of sound attenuation allied with slim dimensions and a square profile design. This compact design results in a low installation height, which makes it easier to fit the product into any system. This feature may be particularly useful in cases where the space between the ceiling and the floor is tight, as the RD’s design can help save valuable room height.

Swegon further claim that end-users will benefit from a low level of noise and low risk of overhearing, which greatly reduces the need for call-backs and after-tuning. Swegon also state that the system design is easy, since its RD products are both compact and flexible and come equipped with good selection tools, documentation and support.