Carrier Transicold upgrade Supra Range

UK – Carrier Transicold have announced that they are to launch a series of new equipment and options for its Supra range of truck refrigeration units, which the company hope will improve the customer experience and help increase opportunities for customers to improve environmental sustainability

Carrier revealed that its fleets will now feature a new cab command panel, which, they say, has been designed to fit the standard DIN format used for audio head units in the automotive sector – a change which should make installation simpler. The company claim that the new cab command panel will offer improved ergonomics through larger buttons, while the display also features a large white backlit screen designed to allow the driver to see key information at a glance. Carrier declared that their revised cab command panel would be fitted as standard for all new Supra mono- and multi-temperature units over 2016. It was further revealed that the command panel can be retrofitted to existing Supra units in service.

The company is now offering a new package to customers, providing them with the option of specifying Supra units in an attempt to reduce emissions. This new package comprises three key elements, such as a low emission diesel engine designed to reduce particulate matter by up to 50% compared with standard engines, while the unit will now use the new R-452A refrigerant. The R-452A refrigerant has been introduced to replace the standard R-404A as it has the same cooling capacity, fuel efficiency, reliability and refrigerant charge but also offers a 45% reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP). The third key element of the package is Carrier’s Silent option kit, which the company has introduced to help reduce unit noise emissions.

Carrier have also revealed that for customers wishing to minimise noise emissions further, their Pure pack option is equally available. The Pure pack has been designed for use with the ultra-low noise, PIEK-compliant Supra City units, which, the company claims, operate at noise levels below 60 decibels and are suitable for night-time deliveries in urban areas.

Meanwhile, at the Solutrans show in France, Carrier Transicold unveiled a new evaporator range for its Supra and Vector ranges, which the company indicated was most suitable for use in multi-temperature applications. The latest range of evaporators features new styling and is available for four different widths ranging from 700 millimeters to 2,200 millimeters. The new range has been designed to reduce the risk of water splashing onto the cargo being transported via an improved defrost operation and water drain. Carrier claim that the new evaporators are easier to install, while their fast dismounting system should aid maintenance and repair.