Emerson launch ZX Cloud monitoring system

GERMANY – Emerson Climate Technologies have launching their ZX Cloud monitoring system for condensing units Copeland EazyCool  ZX.


Emerson Climate Technologies claim ZX Cloud is a unique monitoring solution, which provides real time information on the status of operation of the refrigeration system. It helps operators and service providers to secure refrigeration applications. Based on information stored in a server cloud, the ZX Cloud software visualizes the operational status. It helps to understand and analyse the behaviour of the system: cycle frequency, downtime, trends and variations depending on factors such as time of day, season and the load on the system. ZX Cloud solution allows to have the information on the system at any time and in any place, thus reducing the number of on-site monitoring visits.


In the retail food applications, the refrigeration system is generally responsible for most of the energy consumption, because of its continuous operation, 24 hours on 24 and 7 days a 7. In terms of optimization, one of the most effective ways is to monitor the performance of the refrigeration system. Mastery of the refrigeration system of consumption patterns is an essential step to identify the energy saving potential.


Real-time monitoring allows to anticipate failures. It can react quickly and to troubleshoot long before the system temperature exceeds the critical thresholds. The chilled foodstuffs are protected to avoid any waste. It is not necessary for the operator to spend time to monitor the system status. Convenient and adjustable, the warning system will automatically send a message by e-mail to the operator in case of emergency.


According to European regulations on fluorinated gases, the refrigeration system operators are required to document regular maintenance and monitoring of changes of amount charged. The online platform My ZX Cloud includes a digital registry to help operators of each system to maintain compliance with the new European regulation 517/2014 on fluorinated gases.


The Cloud and monitoring equipment components are already mounted and wired in the condensing unit ZX Cloud, which saves time during commissioning on site.