Carrier supply haulier firm with new trailers

UK – The Scotland-based haulier firm, The Real McKay, have announced that they have taken delivery of six new trailers mounted with Carrier Transicold Vector 1350 units – the lightest trailer refrigeration system in the Vector range. The new units will join older Carrier Transicold products in the Real McKay’s fleet of trailers.

Carrier claim that the lightweight design of the Vector 1350 offers a maximum payload capacity which should help enable hauliers to carry greater loads, thereby increasing profitability. The Vector 1350 range has been designed to replace the previous generation Maxima range. Each Vector 1350 system is powered by a 1.1-litre engine, which, the company claims, is up to 30% more fuel efficient, while simultaneously holding approximately 27% less refrigerant than the Maxima unit due to its advanced microchannel condenser coil.
The new mono temperature units are set to be mounted on tri-axle Gray & Adams trailers and will join 33 Carrier Transicold-cooled reefers already used by The Real McKay. The trailers will principally be used to transport full loads of fresh fish across the UK and Europe on a daily basis.
It is hoped that each trailer will cover 150,000 kilometres per year and will also remain in service over the next decade. Carrier also state that the new units operate at a reduced noise level of 69 decibels, which should ensure quieter delivery and provide greater comfort for the haulier’s drivers.
“The Real McKay operates a 100 per cent Carrier Transicold fleet and we’re delighted that tradition has been upheld with this latest delivery,” declared James Bell, the national key account manager for Carrier Transicold. “Weighing around 643 kilograms, the Vector 1350’s lightweight design is perfect for operators where payload is critical. It offers the perfect blend of reliability and fuel efficiency – attributes which make it an attractive choice for busy fleets.”