FRANCE: One of the latest energy review by France Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy published in 2013 states that the final consumption of seasonally energy lowed for the last four consecutive semester’s energy. But the household expenditure excluding fuel rose to 300 Euro in four semesters. This is also due to the rising prices of gas and electricity. Households have seen their energy consumption achieved more than 6.2% of their income and this variation is far from changing in short term.

It is in this context that Qivivo, a start-up specializing in the optimization of energy consumption contributes to French households making budget savings. It does this by providing solutions to reduce household energy bills.
Unlike a connected or non-programmable thermostat that reduces only 20% of the heating bill, Qivivo smart thermostat provides up to a 40% reduction. With Qivivo, heating becomes both independently and adapts to all situations. Households can achieve economies of up to 400 Euro per year.

With its thermal model and its data such as the various weather forecasts, temperature and lifestyle of local residents Qivivo assesses the needs for personalised and customized heating management.
Qivivo enables timely heating while maintaining the threshold temperature and the cost. Qivivo Intelligent Thermostat is a standalone controller adapted by algorithms including scalability, adaptation to climate and other factors like lifestyle of its inhabitants. It optimizes the use of energy in a building. It also has user-friendly interfaces available on PC, Smartphone and tablets.

In conclusion, the Qivivo smart thermostat controls the temperature levels in households to heat housed in an autonomous and adaptive way.