Viessmann launch their apartment thermal module (MTA)

FRANCE – Viessmann, a multi-specialist partner and single point of contact in the heating and renewable energy markets, from individual homes to apartment buildings, from the service sector to industry, meets all your heating requirements with a wide range of multi-energy and multi-function solutions…
A new concept designed and developed by Cardonnel Engineering’s Technical Studies group, Thermogene Smart Grid® perfectly meets the needs of residential buildings, either new or renovated, for the efficient management of heating and hot water. It adapts to various collective heat generation systems (heating systems, boilers, new energies), while simultaneously managing and recycling non-renewable and renewable energies of the building and its environment.

The Thermogene Smart Grid® concept notably incorporates an apartment Thermal Module (MTA), marketed by Viessmann with an energy and comfort controller, a single heat distribution loop at 60-65 ° C and a collective heat generation which can also be exploited for the pooling of renewable and waste energy (energy recovered from ventilation or prior to draining away grey water – from baths, showers …).

The MTA judiciously complements existing Viessmann products such as wall condensing gas boilers Vitodens 200-W (cascade up to 900 kW), Vitocrossal gas condensing boilers (up to 1400 kW) or fuel oil / gas low temperature Vitoplex boilers (up to 2000 kW) and components associated with them such as solar plate collectors and Vitosol tubes or ECS flasks and Vitocell buffers (for volumes of up to 2000 litres).

Easy to install and maintain (all components are accessed via the front), the Thermogene Smart Grid ® MTA module combines the attractions of central heating, the advantages of individual heating and the added benefits of recovering renewable energy.

Innovative and compact in the style of a wall-mounted boiler to enable easy installation, the MTA is supplied with hot water at 60-65 ° C for heating (radiators, heated floors or thermostat), for hot water and for the management and distribution of energy according to the consumer’s needs.

These modules provide a high comfort in heating and ensure a high quality domestic hot water supply: in fact, no storage is necessary, eliminating any risk of a build-up of bacteria in the facility. The module instantly produces hot water upon demand.
The wellbeing and comfort of the occupants are ensured by the silent running of the heating system modulated according to the consumer’s requirements; all governed by a room thermostat and controlled using an integrated energy metering system managed by sight and touch. Another major advantage of the concept is increased security in housing. Indeed, with the MTA, no combustion takes place inside the residence.
With a consistent bioclimatic casing design, enhanced input management and a highly efficient single modulated flow ventilation equipment, the introduction of the Thermogene Smart Grid ® concept enables us to meet the low energy requirements outlined in the French energy decree RT 2012, coupled with particularly attractive investment and operating costs. The module meets the requirements of the RT 2012 * in collective housing incorporating an energy meter system.

This outstanding French innovation has already received several professional awards: Gold awards at the 2013 Batimat Interclima Innovation Contest in the Intelligent Energy Management category and First Prize in the CFP- ICO Engineering performance Trophy.

* Decree No. 2012-545 of 23 April 2012 on the distribution of heating costs in apartment buildings.