Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Launches New Series KXZ

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has unveiled its new multi-split air conditioning system model for to overseas markets.
MHI plans to gradually enter the market from June with its new “Series KXZ.” It is an air conditioner with a multi-split inverter system for office buildings and large-scale facilities to overseas markets. The new series has a saving capability through higher energy efficiency and diversified operational controls. The company plans to expand its product range and improve its basic performance. The output power of the KXZ series varies between 10 and 20 horsepower (hp) for single units and combined units are up 60 hp.

The new series retains the basic configuration of the manufacturer models. Equipment reliability has enabled the company to have a better position on the market. Heat exchangers and new compressors have been improved and developed to get better efficiency. They are equipped with new compressors to reduce the power loss in the motor windings. The power loss caused by excessive compression is eliminated by adopting a particular power system. The equipment can save energy especially on the seasonal performance.  Following these improvements, the KXZ series reaches a higher cooling efficiency by 40% and about 8% more heat compared to current models.

The basic performance of the KXZ series has also been improved. It offers a wider margin than current models of temperature.The operating range of cooling is 46 ° C instead of 43 ° C to meet the installation requirements in multi-storey buildings. Models can be adapted to different variations in temperature between indoor and outdoor units. The distance limitation between the external and internal installations reach of 50 meters and 70 meters for new equipment.

The new series of KXZ promotes energy saving through the optimization of the capacity it provides the following real need for heat in each room. This method of capacity control newly developed simultaneously offers energy savings and comfort in rooms for individual users. MHI continues its project to develop easy to use products and saving energy in the field of air conditioning. The proposed equipment is intended for use in shops and air conditioning for new construction to expand its business.