HyBlade, a small fan recently developed and launched by EBM Papst has already made a name in the market. This is a fan with an innovative propeller design that perfectly meets expected in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration requirements.  The HyBlade fan now has a hit with consumers. The brand has expanded the range to satisfy all demand models with sizes 300, 350, 400 and 450. These models were designed with hybrid particularly stable pales. This hybrid feature is the result of research in the field of aerodynamics. Its main function is to achieve the pale in 3 dimensions. On the other hand, the winglets help reduce unnecessary air flow between the blades while the flares increases fan efficiency and also reduces the noise level.

The new range of HyBlade fans benefits innovative technology. It is provided with a system for optimizing the cooling of the engine. These new models are designed to be more compact than previous models. They also have a system to facilitate the replacement of mechanical AC solutions. This solution is possible at any time thanks to the new congestion systems.  The new range of fans sees a hit with consumers. This success is due to the low power consumption of the device. It is in fact provided with a device for regulating its speed. This speed control is obtained by integrating an electronic power. Its function is to set the air flow according to actual needs. The use of this device and reduces the energy consumption of the user. This device allows consumers to save investment through its longest side to life money. It may take a few years longer than other devices in the same category. HyBlade the fan is also known for its very light weight. This is achieved by the use of tip material during its manufacture. Whole new range of fans of this brand was made to work with specific supply voltages. It can be used everywhere and with a voltage of 50 Hz or 60 Hz.