New Copeland Scroll Compressors launched

GERMANY – Emerson Climate Technologies have today announced that they were ready to launch 11 new scroll compressors with immediate effect. The company stated that today’s launch covered new standard and digital scroll models for medium and low temperature applications including their new “Summit” series K5E.

The company claim that the launch will provide customers with additional models featuring extended cooling capacities and improved efficiency. Emerson also state that their additional Copeland Scroll Digital models have continuous modulation from 10% up to 100% and can be used with many refrigerants release including new low GWP refrigerants R448A, R449A, R450A and R513A.

Emerson also claimed that the new compressors boasted a reduction in weight of up to 30% and in height of up to 7% for the new compact models, while benefitting from an improved capacity and efficiency. The company further proclaimed that selected models would feature a noise reduction up to 10dBA, while the new Summit series K5E offers CoreSense Diagnostics as an option for advanced compressor protection.

Of the 11 new compressors unveiled today, 9 models are designed for use in medium temperature applications with 7 of these described as standard models. 4 of these standard models are new models of from Copeland’s next generation Summit series and are intended to replace the existing range while there are also 3 completely new models with compact size in the 4 to 7.5 hp range. The remaining two models for use in medium temperature applications are 2 new compact sized digital models in the 4 to 7.5 hp range.

The remaining two compressor models have been designed for use with low temperature applications and are new digital models in the 4 to 7.5 hp range which extend the existing range of products.

Sylvain Lamy, the director of Refrigeration Marketing at Emerson Climate Technologies, marked the launch of the compressors by stating that “Two major trends in commercial refrigeration drove this major product development program at Emerson Climate Technologies. First, the space dedicated to the refrigeration equipment is decreasing year by year so our efforts were focused on extending as much as possible the cooling capacities of our scroll platforms as to allow the design of more compact and lighter equipment. Second, the need of efficient capacity modulation is higher than ever in order to keep operating cost to a minimum. With this release, we are extending the existing range of our digital scroll compressors for both low and medium temperature applications and the range will expand even more with new models of higher cooling capacities soon next year.”