Emerson unveil new scroll digital compressors

GERMANY – Emerson Climate Technologies have announced that they are releasing three additional digital scroll compressors within the “Summit” K5E series, thus extending the existing digital range to 15 hp.The new compressors are principally designed for use in low and medium temperature applications. The company claim that as a result of the step-less capacity modulation from 10% to 100%, the medium temperature range now offers a cooling capacity up to 26 kW while the low temperature range with vapor injection technology offers up to 12.5 kW cooling capacity.

Emerson claim that the advantages of the new digital compressors include new 10 and 15 hp digital scroll models for medium temperature refrigeration applications as well as a new 13 hp digital scroll model for low temperature refrigeration applications. The company also proudly boasts that their new digital scroll compressors are a
perfect fit for cold room and small retail condensing units and compressor packs, as well as precision cooling systems

These compressors fit particularly well in multi-evaporator applications or any applications needing a broad range of capacity modulation such as multiple cold rooms in food service, small retail condensing units and compressor packs, as well as precision cooling or light industrial systems.

Because the need for efficient capacity modulation is higher than ever for end-users to keep operating costs to a minimum, design efforts have been made to optimize the efficiency of these new models. In addition the new “Summit” K5E digital series features low sound operation for noise critical applications and offers the capability of both liquid and vapor injection for the low temperature model ZFD41K5E.

Models are approved and qualified for standard refrigerants R404A, R407A/F and R134a as well as for low GWP alternatives such as R448A and R449A. Compressors from the ZBD and ZFD range all have the same footprint, which makes their integration into different refrigeration systems easier for equipment manufacturers when used in a rack with existing fixed speed “Summit” K5 models.