Carrier update Vector 1350 range

ENGLAND – Carrier Transicold have now updated their Vector 1350 trailer refrigeration unit using new software to increase system power and lower noise levels.
The updated Vector 1350 unit now boasts 13,100 Watts of refrigeration capacity, which the company hopes will provide more power for the transportation of perishable goods. The new refrigeration unit is capable of achieving a lower noise level of just 69 decibels, the company claims, which should ensure added comfort for drivers and neighbours during deliveries. The company further state that the lightweight Vector 1350, which weighs approximately 643 kilograms, should enable hauliers to carry larger payloads, thereby offering greater reliability as a result of the new software.
The latest version of the Vector series was tested under the CEN Partial Load Test Norm, with results showing that the 1.1-litre engine reduces fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent compared to the previous unit. The engine serves to drive both a compressor and a generator in order to power the ventilation system. Carrier claim that the unit’s system reliability has been significantly improved through the use of three electric fans, while the Vector 1350 unit consumes about 27 per cent less refrigerant than its predecessor due to the presence of a microchannel condenser coil.
The new Vector 1350 unit also features a new, user-friendly control interface which includes dedicated buttons and universal symbols which should be easy to understand for all operators, irrespective of their native language. The company hopes that these universally recognisable symbols will help to avoid potentially costly mistakes when choosing the proper temperature settings inside the trailer.