GEA Küba launch “commercial classic” range

WORLD – The German company GEA has revamped and launched its Küba SG commercial classic range of Air Coolers in an attempt to satisfy consumer’s demands for compact, cubic air coolers with an advantageous benefit-cost ratio. The new range has been developed to meet the complex commercial refrigeration requirements in production and processing of open and pre-packed food. The new look air coolers have been designed to be used for
long-term storage and also to guarantee satisfactory maturing processes and maintain ideal atmospheric humidity.
The cooling process required for chilled goods is a complex one and an effective cooling process has many more requirements other than simply attaining the stated temperature of the refrigerated goods. One of the requirements of the cooling process is that the units be equipped with very large surface areas thereby ensuring minimum dehumidification levels. This characteristic of large surface areas for the cooling process is essential in the industrial processing of meat and bakery products. It is also necessary for stocking flowers, fruit, and vegetables and also for the production of deep-frozen goods – essentially it is a fundamental requirement for all applications without aggressive airborne particles in the ambient air.
GEA also claim that their commercial classic range of air coolers is effective for simple solutions and also under complex sets of conditions: an example of these complex set of conditions is the case where there is frequent staff traffic in and out of the cold rooms, resulting in regular air exchange with the surrounding air. Frequently removing and re-storing goods means that the cooling duty of the evaporator must be designed in such a way as to ensure uniform temperature distribution.
The GEA Küba SG commercial classic air cooler has been designed for applications such as these and its parallel tubing system permits less dehumidification of the air than a conventional air cooler with staggered tubing. The SG air coolers, depending on configuration, can be used over a range of temperatures from medium temperature cooling to freezing as low as -25 °C room temperature. The AC fans provide speed control in conjunction with a retrofitted unit and are designed for use in small and medium-sized cold stores.

GEA hope that their new range will be attractive to consumers due to its standardized equipment which can match the requirements of individual application scenarios. The exterior finish of the casing components, which has a food-safe and environmentally friendly powder coating, provides an outer surface which is resistant to scratches, impacts, and corrosion. Another customer friendly feature is that the components can be easily cleaned, while the mounting brackets are made of stainless steel.