RV Cooling Tech switches to Ammonia

SPAIN – The Spanish-based company RV Cooling Tech has announced that it will henceforth use Ammonia as its industrial refrigerant for its screw compressors, compact chillers and heat pumps. The company, which caters to the refrigeration requirements of a range of sectors including meat processing, fruit and vegetables, dairy, breweries, seafood and logistics, will now offer a new generation of cooling solutions for industrial refrigeration and counts energy efficiency, eco-friendly solutions and facilitating ongoing technical support as its core values. The company manufactures and designs the equipment itself and plans on taking a holistic approach to its service, taking into account the end user and installer for all of the products it plans to develop in the future.

RV Cooling Tech is in a period of expansion as it seeks to develop its international presence and this year the company has opened a new office in India to respond to domestic demands as well as providing an efficient point of contact for its Asian clients. The company already provides this service in most other regions of the world.

One of the highest priorities in RV Cooling Tech’s mission statement has been the promotion of natural refrigerants. Consequently, the company has given its backing to the international agreement to phase down (hydroflurocarbon) HFC refrigerants and RV sees China as the next frontier for sustainable HVAC&R equipment.