Smartcool enters a new refrigerant transport test phase

Vancouver, Great Britain and Colombia: Smartcool says it is ready for the face-off tests of its new energy efficiency technology in collaboration with a Florida food distribution company. The aim is to advance the objective of the company, which is to expand its technological capabilities in the area of transport refrigeration.

Refrigerated transport accounts for 20% of all goods transport, and Smartcool hope to win an advantage in this sector by offering its customers an opportunity to save energy consumption and achieve significant profits – and in record time.

It should be noted that 18% of energy saving has been made at the first step with regard to the experience of this installation on cooling compressors on two sea containers. This means that this installation seems promising.

And evolution does not stop there, as George Burnes, CEO of Smartcool stated. According to Burnes, the next step of the company will be to apply the success of energy-saving technology to diesel fuel compressors in order to meet the demand of that sector – especially when one realises that diesel in Europe is twice as expensive as in South America. The wheels are in motion to fully meet the present and future demands of Smartcool customers.

Bruce Kemp – the Technical Director of the company – has provided details on the subject by stating that “our site provides the perfect opportunity for us to test our technology on a full load of frozen food trailer. The food distribution company has two identical refrigerated trailers storing €35,000 worth of frozen turkeys and running 24/7”.

“The monitoring and verification equipment will be installed on two trailers, while the Smartcool technology will be installed on just one trailer. This will allow us to see the savings we can achieve in a trailer from the way the other identical trailer refrigeration system without Smartcool technology installed operates. We will be able to monitor all aspects of system performance, including the temperature of the box, compressor cycles, and diesel fuel flow”.

If this test is a success, the food distributor will extend the technology to its other 115 trailers. It thus offers Smartcool the opportunity to make its debut in the food refrigerated transportation and get a place in this promising market.