Using Danfoss’ Compass software to replace condensing units

DENMARK – In a recent publication, DANFOSS unveiled the new version of its Compass database for replacing compressors with an extension including condensing units.
To replace a compressor, simply type the initial letters of the model and let the Compass software do the rest! Compass selects the best alternative Danfoss models while mentioning any deviations from the initial cooling capacity and dimensions of the original model. Compass software includes information on applications, refrigerants, technology and the base type. The online software provides basic information about the proposed models, cooling capacity, size, power requirements and the type of oil used. This catalog can also be used to obtain more information about Danfoss equipment.
The software also provides the list of Danfoss compressors and condensing units as an alternative to 26 compressors and condensing units made by other manufacturers. Equivalent models are available depending on the region in which the research is conducted.
Compass software is available for free download.