Booths’ supermarkets order Supra units

UK – The Lancashire-based supermarket chain Booths announced yesterday that it had signed a deal to add four Carrier Transicold Supra 1150 MT (multi-temperature) units to its fleet for use in their store delivery work across northern England.

The family-run business had previously trialled Vector™ 1950 trailer units from Carrier Transicold last year before deciding to opt for the Supra units as new additions to their fleet. Booths revealed that the proven performance of its first Carrier Transicold systems, in addition to the suitability of the Supra 1150 MT units for multi-temperature deliveries to an expanding network of 31 stores, were the principal factors which led them to choosing to commission the new units.

To meet Booth’s requirements, the new Supra systems have been mounted on triple compartment Solomon bodies for a mix of Volvo and Mercedes-Benz rigid truck chassis. The nature of the store’s deliveries means that each vehicle will be used intensively for up to 17 hours a day, providing a mix of ambient temperatures while carrying chilled and frozen produce from the company’s distribution centres to retailer’s stores, with only half a day’s break each week.

Mark Glover, the head of logistics with Booths, expanded upon the reasoning behind opting for the carrier units, saying “We tested our first Carrier Transicold refrigeration units last year and have been thoroughly impressed with how efficiently and reliably they have worked. As a direct result, we didn’t hesitate to specify the Supra units for our new trucks.”

The Supra 1150 MT unit is designed for use in intensive distribution environments with frequent door openings and also features advanced evaporators with electric fans which allow for optimised airflow. The improved airflow in the unit helps provide quick temperature recovery and enhanced air management independent of engine speed.

Commenting on the specific requirements for Booths, Glover stated that “As our fleet is almost always on the go, it’s important for us to ensure that our trucks are capable of keeping up with deliveries to our busy stores,” Glover concluded by declaring “As our business continues to grow, every asset we have has to be as efficient as possible. Carrier Transicold’s Supra range achieves rapid pull-down speeds and ensures accurate temperature control for all chilled and frozen cargos, with a reputation in the industry for excellent product protection and low operating costs.”