FRANCE – The German company Qundis, specialized in metering of consumption and water heating plans to expand its business in France in partnership with a technical and commercial organization.
The Decree of 23 April 2012 requires the application of the distribution of heating costs in buildings with district heating. This decree should come into force from March 31 2017 in France. Similar legislation is already in effect in many European countries like Germany. In France 10% of multi-family housing (about 5 million units) is equipped with this type of heating against 95% in Germany.
Qundis wishes to settle in France in order to increase its revenue from 1 to 10,000,000 euros. This company was born from the merger of Qvedus and KUNDO SYSTEM TECHNIK. Its activity are about the development, production and sale of equipment for measuring and reading systems for billing water and heating.

As part of its installation in France, the manufacturer is considering the establishment of a technical and commercial organization. This project focuses on assisting installers and distributors through the creation of a training center. Service-related development projects as well as technical service sites are also provided.

Qundis products are intended for two types of target customers. The first type of client is specialized in the heating sector and health Wholesalers. The manufacturer offers heat and water counting devices . The second type is the installers to whom the heat distribution equipments is intended. The manufacturer will offer products that meet the needs of the French market. This applies to equipment distribution costs of heating, heat meters and water smart metering equipment and software for billing. The release of the software is planned for the end of 2014.