New BITZER compressors at Tokyo HVAC&R Expo

JAPAN – The objective of BITZER in the 38th HVAC & R JAPAN Expo will be the presentation of reciprocating compressors from the new ECOLINE range as well as the OCTAGON CO2 series, ORBIT 6 and ORBIT 8 scroll compressors and compact screw compressors from the CSH series. The exhibition will take place from 28 to 31 January 2014 in TOKYO and is one of the most important events in Asia for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries.
Since April 2013, BITZER has manufactured and marketed the new ECOLINE semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor series, with displacements ranging from 4-221 cubic meters per hour. A feature of the compressor is its high efficiency coupled with an extended application range. In addition to the R134a, the New ECOLINE can also be used with many other refrigerants, for example, R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R507A or R290 and R1270 – a remarkable and rare versatility.

Series for transcritical CO2applications


Based on the Octagon compressor series, BITZER has developed its own series to meet the specific requirements of transcritical CO2 applications. A compressor specialist, BITZER has extended this CO2 range through the introduction of the Type 4PTC-6K compressor for lower displacements and Types 4DTC-25Kand 4CTC-30K compressors for higher displacements. Consequently, the series now extends, at 50 Hz, from 4.3 to 25.6 cubic meters of displacement per hour. As a result, these energy efficient compressors offer an impressive range of wider applications, allowing them to be used in a greater number of system variants.
GIANNI PARLANTI, BITZER’s Director of Business Development, explains that “the compressors for transcritical as well as subcritical CO2 applications, must meet the special security, reliability, and efficiency requirements due to the particular characteristics of CO2 itself. Thermal loads, high operating pressures, and high specific refrigerating capacity combine to produce considerable forces and burdens on small components. BITZER has developed new standards in recent years as part of the subcritical and transcritical operation and meeting requirements in adapting the performance of its compressors”

CSH: Reliable Powerhouses

The tried and tested compact screw compressors of the CSH series are suitable for universal use and have an economizer and oil cooler. “CSH screw compressors are equipped with a dual capacity control and can be adjusted infinitely or depending on the scale. The level of energy efficiency is very good in both full-load and part-load operations. These compressors demonstrate their strength notably in air conditioning systems, heat pumps and individual short-circuits “, announced PARLANTI.

ORBIT 6/8: Rigorously energy-efficient


With a power output of between 10 and 20 hp, the ORBIT 6 compressor Series for R410A is specially designed for air conditioning and heat pump appliances, and has a wide application range from -20 ºC to 50 ºC . A total of five models offer displacements ranging from 20 to 38 cu. m / h (50 Hz) and offer cooling capacities between 27 and 51 kW. The ORBIT 6 series is characterized by its low noise levels, up to 3dB lower than those of competitors’ products, which make these energy-efficient scroll compressors particularly suitable for use in air conditioning systems and heat pumps. They therefore form the perfect complement to the large ORBIT 8 Series scroll compressors.

The tried and tested ORBIT 8 Series, specially developed for use with the R410A, includes 6 displacement volumes from 29-77 cu. m / h at 50 Hz. With the ORBIT 8 BITZER is helping to achieve greater efficiency, responding with flexibility to the energy efficiency requirements encountered in the HVAC industry. Another major advantage of the ORBIT 8 Series is its operating sound levels that are up to 3 dB (A) lower than that of competing products. Meanwhile, the very low level of circulating oil (less than 1%) leads to better heat transfer properties and greater efficiency and reliability of the system.