What is STAP from TAHydronics?

STAP from TAHydronics is a differential pressure regulator, used in heating, cooling and air conditioning. Its role is to balance the pressure differential by maintaining a constant to ensure stable control facilities and the safe operation of noise control valves – while simplifying balance. STAP is very accurate and it is compact. These last two features make it an ideal secondary component in heating and air conditioning.

The differential pressure controller STAP can function perfectly in a margin of temperatures from -20 ° C to 250 ° C and a pressure up to 250 kPa. The main functions of STAP at mechanical level, in addition to regulating the differential pressure is a two-way pressure outlet, draining, stop, and Δp setting. Its dimensions range from DN15 to DN50.

The STAP regulator is a very useful element in HVAC and it has become key for professionals. It is easy to install auxiliary devices and allows a better quality of operation, a longer service life of the equipment, and easier use of equipment, this limiting annoying noise from control valves.