Bitzer ready for new efficiency criteria

EUROPE – The EU its new Ecodesign Regulation No. 2015/1095 on the 8th of July in the Official Journal of the European Union outlining minimum efficiency criteria for liquid chillers and condensing units. The regulation, which will come into force on 28th July 2016, applies for condensing units and liquid chillers for process applications (at medium and low temperatures), amongst other products.

Under the new Ecodesign regulation, the Minimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) will be rolled out over two distinct phases; the first version of the MEPS will take effect on the 1st of July 2016 (Tier-1) while an even stricter version will apply from July 2018 (Tier-2).

Bitzer, the German compressor specialist, have moved to reassure customers that they are ready to meet the new challenge laid down by the directive and that their products are already compliant with the new MEPS. Indeed, the company claim that manufacturers of liquid chillers can even exceed the new high efficiency criteria if they use Bitzer reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors alongside a corresponding system design. Bitzer further state that their condensing units already meet the even stricter requirements which will apply from 2018, which should offer customers increased certainty when planning both short and long term projects.

“This Regulation will come into effect soon and present major challenges to the entire sector. Market research has shown that a considerable part of products on offer today do not meet these criteria and may thus no longer be sold in less than one year,” declared Hermann Renz, BITZER Technical Programs Manager. “But we are well prepared.”
The company declared that as it had placed special emphasis on efficiency and environmental protection over a long period of time, it boasted a complete program of condensing units covering the full range of capacities which already meet the Tier-2 requirements which will only apply from 2018. The company is confident that their long time commitment to efficiency will ensure that their customers will be able to rely on their products to meet minimum efficiency criteria even for long-term projects.