ITALY – A major crisis is apparently currently underway within the headquarters of the Mondial Group, the Italian manufacturer of equipment dedicated to refrigeration. The sense of panic engulfing the company arose following the announcement of major downsizing to come, as reported by the Cooling Post website.

As a result, 110 employees see their jobs threatened at the Mirabello Monferrato plant, while the closure of the Montemiletto plant in early December had already led to the loss of 70 jobs.

The Italian group thus finds itself in a difficult position, since the group has found it impossible to attract the investment necessary to continue its activity.

The group was formed in 2006 by the merger of Framec and Mondial Elite, themselves two major players in the field of refrigeration.
However, the British website has revealed that 15 employees have apparently stated their intention to continue the activity of the company by founding a new company, Mondial Refrigeration.