FINLAND – PRODUAL OY has announced the acquisition of Swedish company ZONE CONTROLS AB. The acquisition extends PRODUAL OY´s product portfolio which uses surveillance systems parts for the management of temperatures and indoor climate.

ZONE CONTROLS AB is a company which was founded in 1990. It sells parts for control systems as well as monitoring the quantity and quality of air.

The Terms of ZONE CONTROLS AB Acquisition
the purchase of the Swedish company by PRODUAL OY aims to help improve the energy efficiency of buildings that serve as houses or warehouses. It will also contribute to the reduction of the clearance of carbon dioxide in the environment.

With this acquisition, PRODUAL OY should also improve its position in the Swedish market. The integration of ZONE CONTROLS AB strengthens the strategy of international development of PRODUAL OY.

ZONE CONTROLS AB was created by M. Rolf STRAND. This company is involved in the development and manufacture of surveillance equipment or electronic character systems for heating and cooling systems.

Zone Controls´ factory is located in Västerhaninge, south of Stockholm, the Swedish capital. This is a company that provides customers with a range of equipment including analogue thermostats and digital devices for monitoring internal atmospheric pressure.

PRODUAL OY was established in 1987 and is located at Kotka in Finland. The main products affected by this acquisition will be ILK and Modbus products. Their sale in the Scandinavian market should be better facilitated by the acquisition.