Ventilation is very important to ensure the sustainability of a building and the health of its occupants since the entry into force of thermal regulations (TR). The ducts are essential to ensure the reliability and durability of the ventilation system in the living spaces.

Due to the new requirements in air conditioning, ALDES has developed a range of equipment to meet every need of the house called OPTIFLEX. This product is composed of circular and oval pipes, connections and innovative accessories. It combines durability, easy installation, reliable seal and better air quality.

The ventilation system OPTIFLEX coupled with a double flow ventilation is the best solution on the market offering both energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality.


OPTIFLEX ventilation system is distinguished by its quick installation and durability. Indeed, we’re talking about semi-rigid conducts for use in individual homes. Ducts connect the group or the central to the heart of the system and the various terminals such as vents and grilles. They thus provide a quick and durable installation.

The OPTIFLEX range adapts to all types of buildings, new or refurbished. Installation is easier with the “one click” without tape or glue system. The ultra collapsible ducts fit all curves. They offer the possibility of combining various conduits by the use of accessories and easy identification networks blowing. The realization of the full circular network uses 8 references.

The OPTIFLEX conducts resistance is guaranteed by its ringed exterior. This feature is particularly chosen to avoid tearing, crushing or throttling elbow. Its ultra smooth inside, with antistatic treatment prevents clogging of pipes, ensuring the quality of the air conditioning in the long term.

OPTIFLEX: a source of clean air

The sealing of OPTIFLEX conducts system guarantees its performance. The ducts are in fact 10 times more sealed than the conventional system. This feature is achieved by joint connections which can be assimilated to the class B. This system has no flight risk allowing energy recovery systems in the double stream. It has a low pressure drop and optimum performance dual flow ventilation.

The range of OPTIFLEX conducts supplies optimal quality inside air. It was developed in order to maintain the network free of pollution from the site. This system free of PVC and made of HDPE doesn’t release any volatile organic compound. Antibacterial and antistatic treatments of this equipment reduce the proliferation of bacteria and deposition of dust in the system.

The OPTIFLEX range

The OPTIFLEX gray oval duct is both antistatic and antibacterial. This system is ideal for installation in narrow spaces because it fits all space constraints while preserving its performance.

The white circular pipe is antistatic and antibacterial. It is distinguished by its flexibility and performance. The loss of charges is very low with this system. It is the ideal equipment necessary to optimize the network installation accessories. This version is available in diameters of 75 and 90.

The black circular static duct fits recovery. This system is easily recognized by its color. The losses and consumption of comfort ventilation is minimal for this type of installation.
The OPTIFLEX range is also composed of a wide range of accessories and circular adapters to facilitate network installation.