Viessmann launch combined micro-photovoltaic and gas condensing boiler

FRANCE – Faced with the new energy requirements of the RT 2012 decree for residences, Viessmann have come up with a novel solution, irrespective of the size of your house: a combined micro-photovoltaic and gas condensing boiler to ensure energy and financial savings, high quality and comfort in central heating and a reliable supply of hot water.

By combining a Vitodens gas condensing boiler and a micro-photovoltaic system, Viessmann have thus developed a harmonious, simple and effective solution to meet the energy requirements of the RT 2012 decree and to ensure energy savings. The installation of this practical solution makes it easy to achieve a particularly low energy consumption of about 20 to 30 kWhep / m2/year.
Furthermore, the excellent comfort in both central heating and domestic hot water provided by the Vitodens gas condensing boilers range is ideally suited to the needs of the occupants, from instantaneous production (micro-accumulation) to the 130 litre capacity combined compact tank. Another advantage of this solution is the surface area saved with very little or no ground space taken up, particularly in the case of wall boilers. A further saving is also made since the Vitodens boilers, which are among the quietest on the market, are equipped with energy-efficient circulators providing savings of 250 kWh / year compared to conventional models.
With output power ranging from 250 Wp to 1 kWp perfectly calibrated for the power consumption needs of the average family (household appliances, lighting, computer …), the Viessmann MicroPV solutions represent an attractive proposition, claiming to guarantee direct savings on electricity bills (up to 750 kWh / year or around € 220 *). The operation mode, described as “self-consumption”, does not benefit from buy back rates in a surplus of energy production but does greatly simplify the installation and reduces energy bills as administrative procedures.
Compatible with all roofs, terracotta tiles or slates, MicroPV Viessmann equipment consists of 1, 2, 3 or 4 200 255 Wp (1.63 m2)Vitovolt polycrystalline modules, which guarantee performance and safety standards. In addition, 1, 2, 3 or 4 micro-inverters (95.4% yield) complete the installation, ensuring modularity and optimization of power generation (15 to 20% cf a central inverter). Located directly under each panel, the micro-inverter converts direct current into alternating current and feeds the overproduction into the network. In terms of safety, the absence of a high electrical voltage greatly reduces the risk of electricity arcing, and consequently greatly reducing the potential risk of fires. The other major selling point of the product is its longevity and reliability with Viessmann offering a 25 year warantee. The final point of interest to potential consumers is that the user can instantaneously follow the production of electricity on the Internet.

* Calculation based on a two module system with a total output of 510 Wp installed in the South of France